Views sought on changes to Solihull’s Fairer Charging Policy

Ends Sunday 8 October 2017

Solihull Council is asking for views on proposed changes to the way that it charges people for their non-residential care.

The Council’s Fairer Charging policy “Charging Policy Adult Social Care Non-Residential Care and Support Services,” sets out how people living in the borough pay for non-residential care and support, for example care provided in a person’s own home. The policy is based on the Care Act 2014.

The Council would like to make changes to this policy so that the Minimum Income Guarantee - the minimum amount that an individual should be left with following any charges, is the same as that set by the Department for Health.

It is also proposing changes to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally during financial assessments and that the process is open and transparent. In particular the Council wants to change the existing policy to clarify:

  • How increases in occupational pensions and annuity amounts are treated in financial assessments as part of the annual review
  • How financial assessments will be amended in response to when people have a change in their circumstances
  • How unclaimed benefits in a financial assessment are dealt with
  • The circumstances where refunds will be made for unused services

The Council will be writing directly to anyone currently receiving non-residential services to let them know about the proposals and to ask for their views.

Read the new draft policy and then fill in the survey online.

Anyone who needs help to complete the survey can visit the Community Advice Hubs at The Core, Central Solihull Library and Chelmsley Wood Library or telephone Solihull Connect on 0121 704 8007.

The consultation closes on Sunday 8 October 2017.

Have your say about Solihull’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Ends Sunday 8 October 2017

Solihull Council is asking for people’s views about proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for next year.

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme offers certain eligible people help towards paying their Council Tax and is reviewed every year.

For April 2018, the Council is proposing that the minimum payment for all working age customers will stay the same at 15%. It is however proposing to end entitlement to Second Adult Rebate which was inherited from the previous national Council Tax Benefit scheme.

Under the current scheme, people who are not eligible to claim a single person discount because they have another adult living with them may be able to claim second adult rebate (a discount of up to 25%) if that adult is not their partner and is on a low income or receives certain benefits.

Second adult rebate is not based on the council tax payer’s income, or ability to pay, but the income of the person who is living with them (usually an adult relative, son or daughter). Depending on the income of the second adult, the council tax payer could benefit from a reduction in council tax of 7.5%, 15% or 25%, regardless of their own income.

There are around 300 working age people in the borough who receive the Second Adult Rebate - its removal could save the Council around £44,000 a year as well as making sure that everyone in the borough who can afford to pay is treated fairly.

You can read our draft Council Tax Reduction Scheme for 2018/19.

The Council has written to all residents in receipt of Council Tax Reduction to advise them of the proposals and ask for their views, but all residents can fill in the online survey.

For anyone without online access, free internet services are available throughout the borough at libraries. People who are unable to complete the survey online can call Solihull Connect on 0121 704 8200 and complete the survey over the phone.

The consultation runs from Monday 17 July until Sunday 8 October. Feedback from the consultation will help the Council to make a final decision about next year’s scheme.


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