Councillor's allowances

Each councillor receives a Basic Allowance. The Basic Allowance is the same for every councillor and its purpose is to recognise the time commitment of councillors and to cover incidental expenses.

Some councillors who take on extra duties, such as cabinet members or committee chairmen, receive a Special Responsibility Allowance as well as the Basic Allowance.

The rates of allowance are set by the council based on recommendations from an independent panel that has no connection with the council.

The independent remuneration panel report (September 2018) and the allowances scheme were approved by the council for 2018-19. 

Allowances paid

The Mayoral allowance

The net Mayoral Allowance for the Civic Year 2018/19 is £14,450 for the Mayor and £940 for the Deputy Mayor.

To arrive at the above allowances the SMBC Payroll Team process a gross figure that is subject to PAYE and National Insurance deductions to bring the net allowance payable to the figures detailed above.

The gross figures for 2018/19 are £21,655 for the Mayor and £1,175 for the Deputy Mayor.

Expenditure of the allowance is at the discretion of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

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