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We welcome your comments and suggestions about our service, see below for a summary of the comments we have received.

Quarter 1 - 2017/18

During Quarter 1 April - June 2017/2018 Solihull Council received 137 customer comments of which 9 were related to services offered by Solihull Connect. Below is a general breakdown of the type of comments that were received relating to Solihull Connect:

April 2017

Comment: The option to add a photo when reporting litter online could save the council time.

Action taken: While customers cannot currently add an attachment to our 'Report litter' online form, this functionality will be available in the near future. We are moving the majority of our online forms into the Oracle Service Cloud which will deliver a range of enhancements including customer accounts, which enables progress tracking and the option to include attachments.

Comment: The Blue Badge renewal online form does not give you the option to confirm if you can walk.

Action taken: The online Blue Badge application form is produced by the government. There is an option at the end of the form to provide additional information however all feedback is sent to our team for improvements

May 2017

Comment: It would be useful when calling Solihull Connect to know where you are in the queue.

Action taken: This comment has been noted for future updates.

Comment: After a copy certificate has been ordered online an email should be sent when your certificate is ready for collection or has been posted.

Action taken: We are currently in phase 1 of the Service Cloud project which will move all of our current service requests into our new system. Auto-notification is definitely a feature we want to deliver but enhancements such as this will be delivered later into the project cycle.

June 2017

Comment: It's difficult to report fly tipping online using an Android smartphone.

Action taken: After tests on various devices we can confirm the form does work with Android phones.

Quarter 2 - 2017/18

During Quarter 2 July - September 2017/2018 Solihull Council received 196 customer comments of which 12 were related to services offered by Solihull Connect. Below is a general breakdown of the type of comments that were received relating to Solihull Connect:

July 2017

Comment: The size of the font is too small at the Solihull Connect walk in centre plasma screens.

Action taken: Due to customer feedback we have increased the font size.

Comment: It takes too long to complete the Blue Badge online form.

Action taken: The Blue Badge online form is produced by the Government and is used nationwide. We cannot make changes to a national form.

August 2017

Comment: The website was not updated following the cancellation of a weekend event. I had already travelled to the event with a large group.

Action taken: The cancellation was communicated via our social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter).

Comment: Other local authorities have an online service for Council Tax accounts.

Action taken: We have recently launched our Service Cloud customer portal that utilises online accounts. All services, including Council Tax, will be eventually be available via Service Cloud.

September 2017

Comment: I experienced a long wait for my call to be answered.

Action taken: Solihull Connect have recruited new advisors in order to reduce customer waiting times.

Quarter 3 - 2017/18

During Quarter 3 October - December  2017/2018 Solihull Council received 94 customer comments of which 9 were related to services offered by Solihull Connect. Below is a general breakdown of the type of comments that were received relating to Solihull Connect:

October 2017

Comment: A customer was asked to call back after 4.00pm to report a missed rubbish collection.

Action taken: Our waste and recycling crew use an on board system to report any missed collections. Updates from the on board system are received after the crew have finished their round so we cannot check any exceptions until after 4.00pm.

Comment: The streetlighting online form would not let a customer continue after using map.

Action taken: We have tested the form internally and externally but have been unable to replicate this error. We'll continue to monitor the performance of our Street Lighting form.

November 2017

Comment: The waiting time to answer calls is not acceptable.

Action taken: We have recently recruited and are in the process of training new advisors to reduce waiting times.

Comment: It's not easy to find out about roadworks using the Council website.

Action taken: Information about roadwork’s within Solihull is available within 1 click from our home page (Parking, travel & roads) is also is the first result when using our site search engine. You can also access road works by using our A to Z ( - roadwork’s is the first entry under 'R'.

Quarter 4 - 2017/18

During Quarter 4 January - May 2017/2018 Solihull Council received 105 customer comments of which 12 were related to services offered by Solihull Connect. Below is a general breakdown of the type of comments that were received relating to Solihull Connect:

January 2018

Comment: There are long waiting times when waiting to get through to Solihull Connect.

Action taken: The current waiting times are unacceptable and new staff have been recruited and trained. We have had higher than normal calls due to split brown recycling bins which can also be logged on our website.

Comment: The information on the website for recycling collections was misleading.

Action taken: Our Christmas collections page was reviewed before publication to ensure that the information presented was clear and easy to follow. However with the changes to regular scheduled collections and altered rubbish/recycling dates we understand how easy it is to misinterpret the information. This feedback will help when we look to publish next years collection dates.

February 2018

Comment: The messages and music on the telephone need updating

Action taken: We are currently in the process of reviewing the messages and the music when you telephone Connect. This should be updated within the next month.

March 2018

Comment: I was only offered a Blue Badge appointment at Solihull Connect, not any other of your offices.

Action taken: We do offer assessments at Solihull or Chelmsley Wood Connect. The appointments offered are based on where customer resides, however customers can request either office.

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