Peer Challenge

Solihull Council is committed to continuous improvement and has embraced a national initiative called 'sector led improvement'. What this entails is periodically inviting in to our organisation a small team of elected members, officers and private sector professionals from other councils and relevant businesses to evaluate just how well we are performing. This assessment is called 'Peer Challenge' and usually lasts for a week and is tailored to address the particular circumstances and challenges of the individual council.

In this context we have welcomed the opportunity for independent and objective appraisals to look at what we do well and also to identify those areas where there is scope for improvement. 'Peer Challenge' teams are made up of a range of experienced peer reviewers and their input and feedback provides a credible and robust catalyst to challenge current standards of performance, as well as the approach to the future and the way services will be delivered in the longer term.

Whilst the feedback we have been given from our Peer Challenges is positive overall, that which focuses on specific improvement recommendations is equally helpful in suggesting measures to secure increased value for money, improved outcomes and enhanced levels of satisfaction for our customers.

Below you will find the feedback from five Peer Challenge programmes and we hope you find this of interest.

If you have any comments we would be very pleased to hear them, you can email us at

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