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The Solihull Observatory provides key data and evidence relating to the wider determinants of health in the Solihull.

The Solihull People and Place report provides current analysis of demographic and population data for Solihull, with particular focus on vulnerable population groups as well as evidence relating to the living and built environment, housing and infrastructure in Solihull.

Similar data and analysis is available for each of Solihull’s 17 electoral wards through the ward profiles.

Solihull Population

Access the most recent population estimates, projections and analysis from our population statistics webpage.

Our Census webpages also provide in depth briefing papers on a range of key population measures including reports on ethnicity, identity and diversity and household characteristics and housing.

Deprivation in Solihull

The Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) combines a number of a number of economic, social and housing issues, into a single deprivation score for individual local neighbourhoods. This report summarises the findings of the 2015 IMD, highlighting Solihull’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

Children and Young People

Read about pupils attending a Solihull schools in this summary of the latest Schools Census data, which includes information about eligibility for Free School Meals and Special Educational Needs.

The latest data relating to educational attainment at GCSE level in Solihull is summarised in this briefing paper.

The views of Solihull children & young people are captured in the Health Related Behavioural Survey. This asks primary and secondary school pupils in Solihull about their emotional health & wellbeing, physical activity & leisure, as well as their views on healthy eating, drugs, alcohol & tobacco, safety and citizenship.

Prosperous Communities

The prospects for the Solihull economy, including its strengths and challenges, were covered in substantial depth in the 2010 Local Economic Assessment.

More recent data and analysis is provided in individual briefing papers on The Solihull Economy Jobs and Businesses, Solihull Resident Employment and Skills and via the Monthly Unemployment Briefing.

Safer and Stronger Communities

The Safer Solihull Strategic Assessment provides an in depth review of crime and disorder in Solihull.

To read bout how Solihull residents feel about community life with particular emphasis on the local environment, civic participation, social cohesion and public safety, access out latest summary of the Solihull Place Survey.

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