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What is data?

Data is information that has been gathered. This is done by both local and central government. A collection of data is known as a dataset. This can cover a range of subjects. For example, it can cover the names of ward councillors, election results and all spend over £500 by a local authority.

What is open data?

Open data is data that can be freely used by everyone with few restrictions.

We are releasing data as 'open data' to help create transparency and accountability.

This is supported by Government as set out in their aims to create a new era of accountability and openness where the public have a clear right to know and a right to challenge. Putting more data in the public domain in this way is central to making this happen.

What is a publication scheme?

A Publication Scheme is a description of the kinds of information that a public authority should make routinely available and the ways it makes information available.

Who can use the data?

Anyone, you can download the information. You are free to use this data in a wide variety of applications and different formats.  All that we ask is that you use the data in accordance with's terms and conditions.

What does ‘REDACTED’ mean?

This means that a piece of information has been removed from publication. This can be for a number of reasons as set out by Government. Examples include where the information is personal data and could identify an individual, such as a foster carer, a location of a domestic address, a council tax benefit recipient or it could be information that is considered to be commercially confidential.

What data will be published by Solihull Council?

Central Government has made recommendations as to what data should be published.

We will be publishing data based on these recommendations and other information when we can.

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