Our Policies and Procedures

Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities

Policies and Procedures for Conducting Council Business
Codes of practice
Memoranda of understanding Governance framework for the Solihull Partnership
Procedural standing orders The Constitution of the Council
Internal guidance about division of responsibility between committees and delegated authority The Constitution of the Council
Policies and Procedures for Delivering our Services
Policies and procedures for handling information requests
Pay Policy Statement
Pay and Reward of Staff Pay Policy Statement
Policies and Procedures about Recruitment and Employment of Staff
Vacancies Current vacancies
Equality and diversity The Public Sector Equality Duty: Fairness, Inclusion and Equality - About Out Employees
Council’s Health and Safety Policy Health and Safety Enforcement Policy
Customer Service
Standards for providing services to Council’s customers
Complaints procedure
Complaints covering requests for information Access to information – complaints and appeals procedure
Records Management and Personal Data Policies
Information governance policies:
  • Records Retention
  • Data Protection
  • Information Sharing
For copies of information governance policies, please contact infogov@solihull.gov.uk
Charging Regimes and Policies
Statutory charging regimes

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