Results of the Parliamentary Election 8 June 2017


Candidate Party No. of Votes
ADEYEMO Ade Liberal Democrats 8901
GARCARZ Andrew UK Independence Party (UK I P) 1291
KNIGHT Julian The Conservative Party Candidate 32985
KNOWLES Nigel Labour Party 12414
MCLOUGHLIN Max Green Party 1157

Duly Elected: KNIGHT Julian



Candidate Party No. of Votes
GAVIN Alison Natasha Green Party 1416
KAYE Leslie John UK Independence Party (UK I P) 2016
MCNEIL Tom Labour Party Candidate 14675
ROGERS Antony Richard Liberal Democrats 2663
SPELMAN Caroline The Conservative Party Candidate 33873

Duly Elected: SPELMAN Caroline



Meriden constituency turnout is 67.24%

Solihull constituency turnout is 73.1%

Total turnout across both constituencies is 70.1%

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