Election results

Solihull Local Election


Candidate Party No. of Votes
CAUDWELL Stephen Alexander Green Party 172
COLLEY Reece Liberal Democrats 115
ROLF Alison Jane The Conservative Party Candidate 1571
WOOD Joe Labour Party 702

Duly Elected: ROLF Alison Jane 

Conservative HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
HODGSON Jo Green Party 270
HOLT Richard James The Conservative Party Candidate 1993
MARWA Sardul Singh Labour Party 405
ROBINSON Charles Nicholas Leslie Liberal Democrats 274

Duly Elected: HOLT Richard James 

Conservative HOLD

Castle Bromwich

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BUXTON-SAIT Cheryl Ann Green Party 2254
CHIDLER Emma Louise Labour Party 319
ROBINSON Mike The Conservative Party Candidate 941

Duly Elected: BUXTON-SAIT Cheryl Ann 

Green GAIN

Chelmsley Wood

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BURN James Philip Richard Green Party 1517
DAWKINS Hazel Jasmine Ellenor Labour Party 278
SKELDING David Roger The Conservative Party Candidate 152

Duly Elected: BURN James Philip Richard 

Green HOLD

Dorridge and Hockley Heath

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BRITTIN David Jon Labour Party 330
COURTS Ian The Conservative Party Candidate 2291
FAIRBURN Paul Martin Liberal Democrats 415
MCINTYRE Iona Elizabeth Jean Green Party 288

Duly Elected: COURTS Ian

Conservative HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
GULATI Steve Labour Party 440
MCCARTHY Laura Helen Liberal Democrats 1282
PRICE Catherine Ruth Mary The Conservative Party Candidate 1221

Duly Elected: MCCARTHY Laura Helen 

Liberal Democrats HOLD

Kingshurst and Fordbridge

Candidate Party No. of Votes
COLE David Charles Labour Party 784
EVANS Debbie United Kingdom Independence Party 225
HOWELL Diane Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 575
LINFIELD Carol Joy Green Party 84

Duly Elected: COLE David Charles 

Labour GAIN


Candidate Party No. of Votes
HOLL-ALLEN Diana Elisabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 2316
JOHNSON Simon Martin; Labour Party 381
ROGERS Antony Richard Liberal Democrats 254
WILSON Alison Natasha Green Party 237

Duly Elected: HOLL-ALLEN Diana Elisabeth 

Conservative HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
BRAIN Marcus Christopher Labour Party 834
EDWARDSON James Alexander Liberal Democrats 915
THOMAS Paul The Conservative Party Candidate 1181

Duly Elected: THOMAS Paul 

Conservative GAIN


Candidate Party No. of Votes
ALLSOPP Ken The Conservative Party Candidate 2231
BEDDIS Teresa Frances Labour Party 446
PEARSON Mark Joseph Green Party 394

Duly Elected: ALLSOPP Ken

Conservative HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
BLUNT Katy Victoria The Conservative Party Candidate 1577
PALMER Colin Labour Party 593
WINDMILL John Anthony Liberal Democrats 1551

Duly Elected: BLUNT Katy Victoria 

Conservative GAIN

Shirley East

Candidate Party No. of Votes
ALDWORTH Eleanor Joy Green Party 253
MACKENZIE Annette Mearson The Conservative Party Candidate 1696
MONK Gayle Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 498
THACKER Elizabeth Labour Party 443

Duly Elected: MACKENZIE Annette Mearson

Conservative HOLD

Shirley South

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BLISS Susan Labour Party 377
HODGSON Andy Green Party 2215
QAIS Wazma The Conservative Party Candidate 1084

Duly Elected: HODGSON Andy 

Green HOLD

Shirley West

Candidate Party No. of Votes
AHMED Jamil The Conservative Party Candidate 869
HODGSON Tim Green Party 1636
STEPHENS Nick Labour and Co-operative Party 611

Duly Elected: HODGSON Tim 

Green HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
BARKER Trevor John Green Party 200
GOUGH Michael The Conservative Party Candidate 2097
MARSH Janet Mary Labour Party 526
STONE Bruce Keith Liberal Democrats 473

Duly Elected: GOUGH Michael 

Conservative HOLD

Smith's Wood

Candidate Party No. of Votes
DUFFEN Adrian David UK Independence Party (UKIP) 150
GROOM Ben Green Party 986
SKINNER Lee Paul George Labour Party 344
YOUNG Angus Forbes Staward The Conservative Party Candidate 174

Duly Elected: GROOM Ben 

Green HOLD

St. Alphege

Candidate Party No. of Votes
DAVIS Stuart George The Conservative Party Candidate 2748
ENGLISH Ian Clifford Labour Party 406
RYAN Maggie Green Party 263
THOMAS Kathryn Liberal Democrats 520

Duly Elected: DAVIS Stuart George 

Conservative HOLD

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