Equality and Diversity - Providing a service

The Equalities Team provides advice and support to all service areas. Working to continually improve our services and opportunities, we promote equality and diversity in accordance with best practice, legislation and our own commitments.

To ensure fair treatment and assess equality issues, we collect relevant and proportionate data. This monitoring allows us to constantly improve and remove disadvantage and unfairness.

Equal and diverse partnerships

In order to deliver equality and diversity, we work with a number of partners across the borough. Every partner is important to helping everyone in Solihull be healthier, happier, safer, and more prosperous:

Fair Treatment Assessments

Ensuring our services and role as an employer provides accessibility to all, Fair Treatment Assessments (FTA) help us assess our success.

Also providing the basis for improvement and correcting negatives, we publish summaries of our FTAs, which includes information on steps being taken in response to the findings:

Administration and Support

Buildings and the Environment

Children and Young People


Housing Strategy


People and Communities


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