Tattooing, cosmetic piercing, acupuncture and electrolysis registration

You require a licence if your business conducts the following:

  • acupuncture
  • tattooing
  • cosmetic body piercing (including ear piercing, derma rolling and micro-needling)
  • semi-permanent skin colouring (including micro-blading)
  • electrolysis 


To apply please download the relevant application form:

Once an application has been made and your fee has been paid an inspector will undertake an inspection of the premises.


From 1 April 2018:

  • £190.00 for initial registration and the addition of up to 2 persons to the registration certificate
  • £38.50 for an additional person or change of person
  • £154.00 for a change of premises


When applying you will need to be aware of the following byelaws:

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