Amending rights of way

There are a number of ways in which changes can be made to public rights of way.

Highways Act 1980, Section 31(6) depositions

Under Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980, landowners may deposit us with a map and statement which outlines public rights of way on their land. Submitted every 10 years, this offers protection from having new highways established through general public use.

For more information, you can view:

Gating requests on rights of way

We are able to restrict access to public rights of way to prevent anti social behaviour and crime. Anyone can raise a gating request. A decision will be made according to our alley gating procedure and on the understanding that:

  • levels of anti social behaviour and crime are high and impacting the community
  • an alternative route is available when gates are closed
  • there is local support for the action
  • the action is an appropriate solution
  • the right of way is not privately owned

We presently have one gating request, for which you can view the:

Changes to adopted public highway/rights of way

Changes to existing public rights of way/pedestrian highway typically fall into one of the following three general categories.

1. Diversion Order - the alteration of the line of an existing route onto a new alignment not currently in use by the public.

2. Stopping-Up Order - the removal of a public right of way/highway status from a piece of land.

Current Stopping Up Orders:

Proposed Stopping Up Orders:

3. Creation Order - the formal creation/registration of a public right of way across private land by a landowner.

Set out below is a list of currently active Orders affecting the public rights of way/pedestrian highway in the borough:

Temporary closures

It is sometimes necessary to close public rights of way for a short period of time to allow works to be carried out for to protect public safety.

  • U26/U27 Public Footpath - Temporary closure at Shirley park to allow works associated with the Heart of Shirley Development to take place
  • M142 Public Footpath - Temporary closure of path at Blythe Paddocks to allow repairs to be made to a damaged bridge (Amendment 2)

Definitive map modification order register

The Definitive Map is the legal record of public rights of way.

Sometimes it is necessary to alter or update the map. In order to do so a legal order must be made. A definitive map modification order is made to:

  • add a public right of way not currently shown to the definitive map and statement
  • modify an existing public right of way shown on the definitive map and statement
Application to add a public footpath to the definitive map
Reference Location
SDM/1011 Barley Green Flats, Milcote Road, Solihull
SDM/1009L Nebsworth Close to Prospect Lane, Shirley
SDM/1009K Babbs Mill Park to Borough Boundary, Kingshurst
SDM/1009J Babbs Mill Park to Borough Boundary, Kingshurst
SDM/1009I Chester Road to Babbs Mill, Kingshurst
SDM/1009G Brentford Lane to Danford Lane, Shirley East
SDM/1009F Burnham Close to Stratford Road, Shirely West
SDM/1009E Sandy Hill Road to Borough boundary, Shirley West
SDM/1009D Dovehouse Lane to Rowlands Crescent, Olton
SDM/1009C New Road to Warwick Road, St Alphege
SDM/1009B Stratford Road to Ralph Road and Jacey Road to Northbrook Road, Shirley East
SDM/1009A U17A - Bryanston Road to Wadleys Road, Olton
SDM1003 Maxstoke Lane to Birmingham Road, Meriden
SDM/1001 Flintham Close to Howard Road, Olton
Application to add/modify a byway or restricted byway to the definitive map
Reference Location
SDM/1004 M171 (part) - Warwick Road to Netherwood Lane, Chadwick End
SDM/1002 Oak Lane to Ryton End, Barston

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