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What is the School Streets Project?

It’s a project to promote sustainable travel and reduce the impact of school gate parking. It will operate initially as an 18 month pilot during which time its success will be monitored.

When is it due to start?

The scheme went live on Monday 4 September 2017.

How can I give feedback on the scheme?

The School Streets pilot went live on Monday 4 September 2017 and over the next six months we are keen to hear about how the scheme is working for you. All feedback will be evaluated, and the scheme will be adapted if necessary.

The closing date to submit feedback, make representation or object to the proposal continuing on a permanent basis is Monday 5 March 2018.

At the end of this period, all responses to the three schemes will be considered and a decision made as to whether the schemes should be made permanent, modified or revoked.

If you wish to submit a formal objection or representation to the scheme you should apply in writing to Mr L Stevenson, Resources Directorate, stating the grounds on which any objection is being made by no later than Monday 5 March 2018 via email to or post, to Resources Directorate, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Manor Square, Solihull, B91 3QB. Please note that any objection may be communicated to other persons who may be affected.

Your views will be forwarded to the Council’s School Streets Team who will evaluate all responses that are received.

To keep you fully informed of progress, updates for key milestones for the scheme and the final outcome of the consultation exercise can be found here:

Alternatively, if you’d like to be kept up to date with the pilot via email, sign up to the ‘Solihull School Streets pilot’ topic on our Stay Connected email bulletin service.

How do I apply for a permit?

Residents of the affected streets will automatically be allocated two permits which they will be required to display in their vehicle windscreen whenever they drive through the restriction. For further information visit our School Streets Permits page.

Parents or carers dropping children at school will not be eligible for a permit. Information on where to park can be found here.

What times are the restrictions in force?

The restriction times can be found here.

Does this mean residents on those roads can't have visitors or tradespeople arriving (by vehicle) between those times?


Please co-ordinate with any visitors to avoid arriving during the 40 minute window in the morning and 1 hour window in the afternoon when the restriction is in force. Outside of these periods access will be unaffected.

The current set of prescribed automatic exemptions include taxis, delivery drivers, carers and those persons working on behalf of gas, water or electricity suppliers specifically. These are exempt as typically it is not possible to set the times at which such services arrive on site.


All tradespeople carrying out works on properties located within the school exclusion zone will be exempt from the restriction and will not require a permit.

Will there be visitor permits?

At this time it is not proposed to provide permits to visitors. The scheme is being launched as a trial and once live we will be inviting feedback from members of the public. We are keen to hear about your experiences and as part of this we will review the feedback received, and look to put in place measures to mitigate any resulting issues where feasible.

I have a district nurse/carer that comes to visit me. What will happen to them?

District nurses, carers and similar support workers will be exempt from the restriction and will not require a permit.

I am a blue badge holder. What about me?

Blue badge holders are exempt from the restriction and will not require a permit.

Who is going to enforce this restriction?

The Police are the enforcing body. The Council will initially be working with the Police to ensure that local residents and users of the road network are aware of the new restriction and are adhering to it.

What is the penalty for driving through the area when the restrictions are in force?

The Police are able to issue a £50 fixed penalty fine to anyone caught driving through the restriction when it is in force.

If there’s not a physical barrier how will this work?

There will be gateway signs at the entrance to each restricted street with details of the times that the restriction is in force. The Police are engaged with the Council and fully supportive of the initiative. For further information on the penalties please see

Where can I park?

Parents/carers not able to walk their whole journey to school are being asked to park outside of the restriction and complete the last part on foot.

We have been working with local businesses to identify suitable alternative parking locations.

  • For Haslucks Green we have confirmed with Asda that parents/carers are welcome to park in their underground car park on Haslucks Green Road
  • For Marston Green we have secured agreement for parents/carers to continue to use the pub car park at the Marston Green Tavern
  • We continue to look for suitable venues at Oak Cottage and will update this page again if any locations are identified

We ask that all parents/carers park considerately and consider the access needs of local residents when parking.

Residents will be able to continue to access School Streets when the restriction is in force. Any existing parking restrictions in place on the roads will continue to operate and anyone parking on them will be liable for the relevant penalty notice.

The three schools will be issued with a number of permits which they will be able to allocate to staff with a specific need to drive through the School Streets during the period of the restriction.

What about older people, such as grandparents, picking up children from these schools who can’t walk very well?

We have identified a number of locations where parents and carers may wish to consider parking. Individuals with specific mobility concerns who are blue badge holders are exempt from the restriction and therefore will be unaffected by the proposal.

What about the weekend and during the summer?

The scheme will only operate during the week, Monday to Friday.

Because the dates of school and bank holidays are not fixed and change from year to year, it has not been possible to write into the restriction that it will operate as term time only. Therefore the restriction will be in force throughout the year.

I live on the edge of the restriction - is parking going to be displaced on to my road?

Through the scheme we will be promoting alternative forms of travel and encouraging parents and children to walk to school from home. As such we do not anticipate significant levels of increased parking displacement, although it is acknowledged that there will be some as it is not possible for all parents/carers to walk to school.

Where this is not possible, we have been working with local businesses to identify alternative parking locations for parents/carers to use. See our where can I park answer for further information.

What about displacement to Wadleys Road and Fircroft?

Existing restrictions in this location should prevent access to and additional displacement onto these roads. As part of the scheme we will be improving signage at these locations and working with the Police to ensure that this is the case.

Unauthorised vehicles entering Wadleys Road and Fircroft would be subject to the same penalty as cars driving through the School Streets zone.

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