Improved “Town Centre Approach”

Solihull Council is working on improving the access for pedestrians and cyclists between the town centre and Solihull Station with the “Town Centre Approach”.

The purpose of this scheme is to deliver a package of connectivity improvements along the route between Solihull Train Station and Solihull Town Centre, via Station Approach, Blossomfield Road and Homer Road. 

The first stage of the scheme will include a new crossing at Blossomfield Road and improved widening of pavements on Station Approach and Homer Road. The changes will create more space and priority for pedestrians and cyclists and make Solihull Town Centre and the Station more accessible and attractive to commuters and visitors alike.


Town Centre Approach TRO update

Following the trial closure of the left turn from Blossomfield Road onto Station Approach, we have decided to make this permanent.

The trial was put in place in February and traffic engineers monitored traffic volumes on these roads and the surrounding area. The results were gathered to compare the effects before and after the left turn closure was in place.

While some concerns have been raised about the change in the junction, the evidence we have gathered shows there has been no significant impact or additional pressure put on the roundabout and/or Blossomfield Road.

We will now continue to make the route safer and more attractive for the thousands of daily commuters and visitors to Solihull. 


Blossomfield Road crossing closed 11 – 18 June 2018


Pedestrian diversion in place  please allow extra time for your journey

The pedestrian crossing over Blossomfield Road will be closed from the 11 June until the 18 June.  If you are travelling from the train station then you will need to access the town centre via Streetsbrook Road – see the diversion above.  We recognise that this is a little longer than usual, but this is so that you cross at safe controlled crossing points.  

For those people who find it difficult to walk this extra distance, please collect a pre-paid Swift Pay As You Go card from the train station during ticket office opening hours (see FAQ below). These will allow access onto any NX bus which is destined for the Town Centre.  Each Swift card will allow for one journey into the town centre and one journey back to the train station within this time period.

 Bus services

For up to date information about bus services affected during these works, please continue to visit

Thank you for your understanding whilst we make these improvements.

Pre-paid Swift Card FAQ

Q: Who is eligible for a pre-paid Swift Pay As You Go card?

A: Any person who will find the extra distance a little difficult can request a Swift card.  Please be mindful that there is a limited number of these pre-paid cards so we would appreciate it if you only take one if you require it.

Q: Where can I get a pre-paid Swift card from?

A: Please collect a pre-paid Swift card from the ticket desk at Solihull station during ticket desk opening hours as below.  Please note that bus drivers will not be able to issue the pre-paid Swift cards to you.

  • Monday - Saturday: 05:35 - 22:10
  • Sunday: 08:00 – Midnight

Q: Can I pick up a pre-paid Swift card next week, before the day that I need to use it? 

A: We hope to have the supply of Swift cards available from Thursday 7 June so that you have your card ready for the first day of the works. 

Q: How much is the pre-paid Swift card topped up with?

A: The pre-paid card has been topped up with enough credit to pay for one journey into the town centre and one journey back to the station.

Q: Can I use the Swift card to travel somewhere else other than the town centre?

A: From the 11-18 June, this Swift card can only be used for trips into the town centre and back to the station to help people who will find the extra distance a little too much.  Once the card has been used to help you get into the town centre during these works, then you can keep the Swift card and carry on using it to travel on buses and trams throughout the region. You can find out more about Swift Pay As You Go at or by following the instruction leaflet you will get when you obtain your card. 

Q: I will need to make multiple journeys during this week; can I get more than one Swift card?

A: We need to ensure that we have enough supply on a daily basis, so we would like you to pick up one Swift card at a time (preferably the day before you need to use it) unless this causes you too many problems.


To find out about the overall Solihull Town Centre Masterplan, which this scheme is a part of, then click here.

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The construction is due to start in March 2018 and aims to be completed by summer 2018.

Here are CGI visuals that illustrate some of the proposals:

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