Street lighting replacement programme

In 2012 Solihull Council undertook a review of its street lighting, which currently consumes a great deal of energy and contributes to high carbon emissions and light pollution.

The Street Lighting Strategy was developed to reduce the cost of the service, whilst continually seeking to improve energy efficiency and reduce the Council’s carbon footprint. This includes making judgements about when, where and how to provide new lighting.

As part of its Street Lighting Strategy, the Council are gradually replacing its stock with new LED lamps.

As well as providing a better quality of light, there are numerous advantages to switching to LED technology, including:

  • lower carbon emissions
  • increased savings
  • reduced maintenance costs

LEDs provide on average a 50-60% reduction in annual energy consumption when compared to traditional lighting and have an extended life of 20 years as opposed to the standard 3 to 6 years for a traditional lamp.

We have given full consideration to the impact of the replacement programme on the borough, including the positive impact it will have on road safety and crime reduction.

The lamps are lit according to current British standards, and are designed to spread light less intrusively than current models, with a greater concentration of light on the area beneath them and less upward light pollution.

As part of the first stage of its strategy, the Council have replaced around 6,000 mercury lamps with LEDs since 2014 across large parts of the residential road network.

Attention has now turned to the main road network, with 5,300 units identified for replacement between 2016/17 and 2021/22. Approximately 1,800 units are scheduled for replacement during 2016/17, with work starting in September.

Completed works

The following roads are now complete:

  • Bickenhill Lane
  • Bickenhill Parkway
  • Birmingham Road
  • Chelmsley Road
  • Chester Road 541-712 Overgreen Drive - Cooks Lane
  • Chester Road BAC End - Col Road
  • Chester Road / Collector Road - Coleshill Heath Road
  • Coleshill Heath Road
  • Collector Road Birmingham boundary - Birmingham Road roundabout (B4114)
  • Collector Road island (B4114)
  • Coventry Road / Clock Island to M42
  • Kenilworth Road (Numbers 400 + From Station Road to Gambles Garage)
  • Helmswood Drive
  • Hobs Moat Road
  • Lode Lane (Numbers 1 - 63, Streetsbrook Road island to Seven Star Road)
  • Lode Lane (Numbers 65 - 465, Seven Star Road to Dovehouse Lane)
  • Monkspath Hall Road
  • Princes Way
  • Stratford Road M42 to Aylesbury Road
  • Stratford Road (Greenhill Way to Olton Road 1-95)
  • Stratford Road - Olton Road to Union Road (95-399) (Shops Area)
  • Stratford Road Marshall Lake Road to M42 island (645-1349)
  • Stratford Road Union Road to Marshall Lake Road (399-645)
  • Warwick Road
  • Warwick Road M42 island
  • Warwick Road service road from 1190 to Blythe Wood Close

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