Air quality monitoring in Solihull

Having clean air to breathe protects our wellbeing and keeps us healthy. We want the air in our borough to be clean in order to avoid health problems.

Pollutants mainly come from human activities such as road traffic, building heating, industry and burning fuel. Some come from natural sources such as wind-blown dust and decomposing organic matter.

Air pollution has an impact on everyone living and working in our borough. However, it is the most vulnerable people such as children, older people and those with heart and respiratory conditions who feel the effects most.

People living near busy roads are exposed to higher levels of road traffic pollution. If you have a long term health condition or live on a busy road you can find your local air pollution forecast and associated health advice on the Defra website.

We are currently testing the air quality in the borough using diffusion tubes at 24 sites including schools and care homes. Once we have the results we will be creating a plan for any action we need to take locally. In the meantime, we all have a part to play in improving air quality - here are some top tips:

  1. Think about leaving the car at home - even for just one day per week. You can plan how to use public transport for your journey using the Traveline website
  2. Cycle to work or school
  3. Switch off your engine when you’re in stationary traffic or parked (and it’s safe to do so)
  4. Buying a new car - have you thought about an LPG or electric vehicle? The Council is currently piloting two electric vehicles for staff to use whilst out and about on the borough on Council business
  5. Reduce your exposure to air pollution by choosing quieter streets when walking or cycling

For more tips visit the Clean Air Day website.

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