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Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Mr Robert Bryan BA Hons, Dip TP, MRTPI has been appointed as the Independent Examiner of the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Plan. Examination of the Plan started on 10 July 2018 and at this stage in the process the Examiner has indicated that it will be undertaken by written representations and that a public hearing is unlikely to be necessary. It is anticipated that the Examination should be completed by mid-August 2018.

For transparency, copies of correspondence between the Examiner, Solihull MBC and the Knowle, Dorrridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum can be viewed below:

Independent Examiner - Robert Bryan Examiners initial questions for Solihull Council - 10/07/18
Solihull MBC Response to the Examiners initial questions for Solihull Council - 19/07/18
KDBH Neighbourhood Forum Response to the Examiners initial questions for Solihull Council - 16/07/18
Independent Examiner - Robert Bryan Further information required of the Neighbourhood Forum - 08/08/18
KDBH Neighbourhood Forum Response to further information required - 15/08/18: Dorridge Centre and Bentley Heath Centre

Berkswell Neighbourhood Development Plan Pre-Submission Draft

The Berkswell Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is out for public consultation from Monday 18 June 2018 until Tuesday 31 July 2018.

Berkswell Parish Council is inviting comments on the draft plan, which can be provided via the attached Response Form and returned to The Clerk, Berkswell Parish Council, PO Box 6379, Coventry, CV6 9LP or emailed to

The Plan can also be viewed at Balsall Common Library and the village shop, Berkswell, and copies are available on request to borrow from the Parish Council Clerk.

All queries and comments on this Draft Plan should be sent directly to Berkswell Parish Council via the contact details above, and not sent to Solihull Council.

Please visit for further information.

Consultation on the Knowle Dorridge and Bentley Heath Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Knowle Dorridge and Bentley Heath (KDBH) Neighbourhood Forum has formally submitted their Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan to the Council for public consultation.

Consultation on the Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan for KDBH will run for a period of 6 weeks from Friday 4 May 2018 until Friday 15 June 2018 before progressing to independent Examination.

Representations on the KDBH Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan should be submitted to Solihull Council by email to Any representation may include a request to be notified of the local planning authority’s decision with regard to formally ‘making’ the plan.

The Submission draft Neighbourhood Plan is accompanied by the following documents:

The evidence base used by the KDBH Neighbourhood Forum to support the Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed below:

The KDBH Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can also be inspected at Knowle Library, Chester House, 1667-1669 High Street, Knowle, Solihull B93 0LL on Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm, Thursday 10.00am to 6.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 3.00pm.

Further information about the Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum and the Neighbourhood Plan can be found at

Approval of Separate Neighbourhood Areas for Balsall and Berkswell

Following the withdrawal of the Balsall and Berkswell Joint Neighbourhood Area, separate Neighbourhood Areas for Balsall and Berkswell Parishes were designated in July 2017.

Balsall Parish Council has subsequently undertaken a number of questionnaire surveys whilst awaiting the outcome of the Governance Review into the Parish Council boundaries. Berkswell Parish Council published a first draft of its Neighbourhood Development Plan for consultation in March 2018.

Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan is 'made'

The Hampton in Arden Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Referendum was held on Thursday 6 July 2017. The referendum result showed clear support for the NDP. The ‘Declaration of Result of Poll’ can be viewed here.

The Council has now ‘made’ the Neighbourhood Plan (brought it into legal effect) and it is now formally part of the statutory Solihull Local Plan that was adopted in December 2013. The Neighbourhood Plan will be used by the Council to assist in making decisions relating to planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

The Neighbourhood Plan (as modified in response the recommendations of the independent examiner) and other related documentation (referred to in the statutory regulations as the ‘specified documents’) can be viewed below and also at Hampton in Arden library, The Core Library and Solihull Connect walk-in centre.

Independent Examination

Independent Examination of the Hampton in Arden Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) Submission Draft took place in January. The Examiner’s report concludes that subject to recommended modifications:

  • the NDP has regard to national policies and advice in guidance issued by the Secretary of State
  • contributes to achieving sustainable development
  • is in conformity with the strategic policies of the adopted local plan
  • is compatible with EU & European Convention on Human Rights obligations

The report recommends to the Council that, subject to the modifications, it is appropriate for the NDP to proceed to referendum.

The Council has considered the examiner’s report and is in agreement with all of its recommendations as described in the Council’s 19 April 2017 report.

You can view the:

In addition to these (referred in the statutory regulations as ‘specified documents') you can also view

For more information please visit:

Notification of Withdrawal of the Balsall and Berkswell Joint Neighbourhood Area Designation

In October 2015 Balsall and Berkswell Parish Councils jointly applied to Solihull MBC to designate the two Parishes as a single Neighbourhood Area to enable the preparation of a joint Neighbourhood Development Plan. A joint Neighbourhood Area was formally designated by the Council in January 2016. However, Balsall and Berkswell Parish Councils no longer intend to prepare a joint Neighbourhood Development Plan for the area.

Following a resolution by the Cabinet Member for Managed Growth at the Decision Session on 19 April 2017, the existing joint Neighbourhood Area has now been withdrawn. Therefore, the area is no longer the subject of a joint Neighbourhood Area designation.

Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new type of planning which enables communities to have more of a say in how their area develops and is managed. A key part of Act, Neighbourhood Planning enables communities to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan to guide the development of their area.

The Government is supporting the delivery of Neighbourhood Planning through a package which includes both hands-on support and financial assistance. You can find out more about Neighbourhood Planning and how to apply for support.

Neighbourhood Planning in Solihull

In Solihull today there are six designated Neighbourhood Areas. The designations enable Parish/Town Councils or Neighbourhood Forums to prepare a plan for their area.


Balsall Neighbourhood Area application
Balsall Neighbourhood Planning website


Berkswell Neighbourhood Area application
Berkswell Neighbourhood Planning website

Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath

Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Area application
Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum application
Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Planning website


Meriden Neighbourhood Area application
Meriden Neighbourhood Planning website

Cheswick Green

Cheswick Green Neighbourhood Area application
Cheswick Green Parish Council website


Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Area application
Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Planning website

Dickens Heath

Dickens Heath Neighbourhood Area application
Dickens Heath Neighbourhood Planning website

Hockley Heath

Hockley Heath Neighbourhood Area application
Hockley Heath Neighbourhood Planning website

If you’re interested in preparing a plan for your area, we will help you through the process.

Neighbourhood Planning Guidance
Neighbourhood Planning FAQs brochure

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