Clinical waste collections

We do not operate a clinical waste collection service. However we can collect waste which could be seen as unpleasant or medical but is classified as ‘household waste’ by the Environment Agency, rather than clinical.

The following items can be disposed of within your household waste container:

  • nappies
  • sanitary items
  • incontinence pads
  • stoma or catheter bags
  • medical dressings
  • ‘peg’/stomach feeding items
  • home dialysis kits

When disposing of the items please ensure they are double bagged either in black bags or similar.

If your struggling to dispose of your waste you can request a larger bin or additional purple sacks. 

Request a larger wheelie bin or additional purple sacks

We cannot collect

You should contact your GP or healthcare professional to arrange for collection of your clinical waste. This could be:

  • syringes
  • needles
  • pharmaceuticals or drugs, including vials
  • medical specimens or instruments
  • cytotoxic waste (from specific cancer treatments)
  • highly contagious or infectious materials
  • radioactive waste

Discarded sharp objects

If you have seen a sharp object, such as a needle or syringe, on council land please let us know by calling 0121 704 8000.

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