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Delivery of your brown wheelie bin or clear recycling sacks

Thank you for recycling, remember you must continue to recycle glass in a separate container using either your black or green box, please do not place glass in the new brown wheelie bin as this cause contamination.

We would also like to remind residents that carrier bags cannot be recycled and need to be put in your black bin

graphic of a brown wheelie bin and black box

From 1 September we started delivering your new brown wheelie bin or clear recycling sacks.

If you live in a flat, please visit our flats recycling page for more information.

If you currently receive purple sacks for your rubbish, you will receive clear sacks for your recycling. If you have a black wheelie bin for your rubbish, you will receive a brown wheelie bin for your recycling.

We estimate that it will take 5 weeks to deliver all of the new brown bins and clear sacks to all properties in the borough. As soon as you receive your new brown bin or clear sacks please start using them alongside your recycling box for glass.

You can use your black or green box for recycling your glass. It doesn’t matter which box you use as long as glass is kept separate from the rest of your recycling.

With your new bin/sacks you will receive a leaflet with more information about your new service. Copies of the leaflets are available for download:

For details of what you can recycle in your brown bin or clear sacks please visit our what goes in my containers page.

You will also be able to put your unwanted clothes out for collection as well as your recycling.

There is no change to your collection day, your recycling will continue to be collected fortnightly and your rubbish weekly. There is also no change to your green garden waste collection service.

You can also find out more by reading our new recycling service FAQs.


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