Request a replacement brown recycling bin

Due to a manufacturing fault some of our brown recycling bins are splitting. If your brown bin has split we'll deliver a replacement free of charge and collect your damaged bin.

Report a split brown wheelie bin

Deliveries are carried out Monday to Friday between 7.00am and 5.00pm, we are unable to allocate a specific delivery day or time

We will aim to deliver your replacement bin within 20 working days - however it may take longer during periods of high demand. Please do not submit any additional brown bin requests while waiting for your replacement as this will delay the delivery of your bin.  

As we need to exchange your damaged bin for a new bin - your damaged brown bin must be left at the front of your property, be visible and accessible from the roadside and preferably empty.

Your household recycling can be placed in an alternative container such as your old recycling box or a hessian/jute bag. Do not use carrier bags or black bin bags.

If you require an alternative recycling container you can pick up 5 clear sacks from your nearest Solihull Connect walk in centre or your Local Library. Once you've submitted your request for a replacement brown bin you'll be provided with a reference number, you'll need to provide this when you collect your clear sacks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the brown bins splitting?

Due to a manufacturing fault our brown recycling bins are prone to splitting. They can split at the sides, front or back. The splits are not caused due to the bins being mishandled by the collection crews or the collection vehicle.

Why has the number of brown bins splitting increased?

We don’t know why there has been an increase in the number of bins splitting however plastic is affected by cold weather and last winter we experienced very low temperatures. We believe that this has made brown bins weaker and more prone to splitting.

Why is it taking so long to get a replacement bin?

Since December 2017 we have seen a huge increase in the demand - before December 2017 we were dealing with on average 80 split bin requests per week which along with requests for black and green bins meant that we could deliver within 10 working days. 

We are now receiving over 200 requests for replacement bins per day - we aim to deliver your replacement bin within 20 working days, however we are currently experiencing a very high demand for replacement bins so deliveries may take longer.

What are you doing to reduce the delivery backlog?

We have increased our delivery teams from 3 to 5 and we are looking at options to further increase the number of deliveries and collections that we carry out.

Why can't you tell me what day my replacement bin is being delivered?

We have never provided customers with a delivery date for their bins but understand that it is not ideal to have to leave your bins outside your property for 20 days. We are looking at ways in which we can improve our delivery system to both reduce delivery times and provide a date - but until then, due to the volume of requests we are unable to provide this.

My neighbour has had their bin delivered but I am still waiting - why is this?

We allocate delivery slots on a postcode basis, but also on when we receive requests, so your neighbour may have requested their bin several weeks ago. We'll deliver to the same street wherever possible to reduce the need to travel back to the same road on numerous occasions but due to the time intervals between bin requests this is not always possible.

Why are you leaving some brown bins unemptied?

Badly damaged bins have developed large splits or holes that are getting caught on the vehicle lifting mechanism are very difficult to dislodge. We have been trying to dislodge the bins but this is an unsafe practice that cannot continue.

If a bin is badly split and considered likely to get stuck our crews have been asked to log the bin as damaged and regrettably leave it as it cannot be emptied safely.

We will leave a sticker on your bin if we can’t empty it and will automatically order a new bin for you if you haven’t already ordered a replacement.

Where do I need to leave my damaged bin for collection?

If you have a front garden or drive we will collect your damaged bin from there - to help the delivery crews the bin will need to be visible from the roadside and accessible (i.e. not left behind a parked car).

 What am I supposed to do with my recycling if my bin is full?

We'll collect recycling in containers such as woven shopping bags, plastic boxes or clear sacks.

You can collect a supply of clear sacks from your nearest Solihull Connect walk in centre or your Local Library, we are looking into whether we can provide clear sacks at other locations. Once you've submitted your request for a replacement brown bin you'll be provided with a reference number, you'll need to provide this when you collect your clear sacks.

You can also purchase clear sacks from some supermarkets.

Why can't the recycling crews leave clear sacks?

Unfortunately there is no additional room on the recycling vehicle to safely store the clear sacks which is why they cannot be delivered by the recycling crews.

I don't have time to collect clear sacks - why can't you deliver them?

We are using all of our available delivery resources to deliver replacement bins and we need to prioritise the replacement of these. If we deliver clear sacks it would take up a delivery slot that we could use to deliver a replacement bin. Some supermarkets sell clear sacks for recycling that are an acceptable alternative recycling container.

I have space in my green/black bin - can I use it for  my recycling?

Unfortunately no – you cannot use your green or black bin for recycling as this would cause confusion for the crews (even if the bin is labelled as containing recycling) as they would not expect recycling to be presented in another bin.  Also there is always the risk of refuse or garden waste being included in the bins which could contaminate the load of recycling or vice versa (garden waste being contaminated with recycling).

If all bins are damaged or likely to split why aren't you replacing them all?

We don’t know if all of our brown bins will split. They are under warranty and the manufacturer has to replace all damaged bins, however these are replaced on a like for like basis so when we return a damaged bin we get a new one in return. To replace all of the bins we would need a significant amount of replacement bin stock (we delivered 76,000) and while we don't have the resources to do this we're considering our options.

My bin is full and I cannot empty it - will I still get a replacement?

It is easier for our delivery and collection crews to remove a bin if it is empty which is why we ask for bins to be left empty wherever possible.

Will I get a reduction in my Council Tax due to the issues with brown bins?

No, we are unable to issue a refund or rebate of your Council Tax due to issues with the brown bins and collections. While the waste and recycling service is funded by Council Tax, it is not the only service that the Council Tax funds and Council Tax payments are not service specific.

The fault is with the bins - what is the bin supplier doing to solve this problem?

The supplier is replacing all damaged bins. They also arrange to collect and then recycle the damaged bins returned to the depot. However we are discussing how they could provide additional support to the council.

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