What happens after offers have been made?

If you apply online you will get an email telling you the outcome of your application or you can login to your account. We will not publish the time that the emails will be sent to avoid the system being overloaded.

You can find out how the places have been offered at Solihull schools in the most recent allocation:

Accepting the place offered

You must accept the place by doing one of the following: 

Once you have received an email acknowledgement you will not receive anything else from us. We will send your child’s details to the school and they will contact you in the summer term with details of events leading up to your child starting in September.

Nursery and reception start dates

Some schools organise a slow, phased start during the first two weeks of September to help the children settle. Contact the school to find out when your child is likely to start nursery or reception as it may be later than the start of the school term.

Nursery sessions and nursery funding

Some schools offer a choice of sessions. The allocation of sessions is the responsibility of the school. If you wish to discuss your session time you should contact the school direct. Some schools have facilities on site called “wrap around”. You can use this with a nursery place to make all-day care.

Accepting a nursery place in a school means that you will not be eligible for any other Early Education Funding from 1 September. You can find out more about 30 hours extended entitlement.

Declining the place offered

You should only decline the offer if you have another school place for your child. You must email admissions@solihull.gov.uk or write, telling us your child’s name, date of birth and the school they will be going to. Let us know as quickly as possible as we have children on waiting lists. We cannot accept this information over the phone.

Waiting lists for secondary, junior, reception and nursery intake applications

Your child will automatically be on the waiting list of a Solihull school or academy if they have been refused a place. You may ask about your child’s position on the waiting list by contacting us. Children on the waiting list for CTC Kingshurst Academy are not in any order because places are offered by random allocation. For schools outside Solihull you should contact the relevant Local Authority for waiting list information.

Waiting lists are made in priority order against the admission criteria for the school or academy. Your child can move up or down the waiting list. For example, if another child joins the waiting list and has a higher priority for a place, because they live in the catchment area or live closer to the school than you, they will go above your child on the waiting list. If a vacancy arises in a school, the place will be offered to the child at the top of the waiting list.

Late applications are put on the waiting list behind on-time applications of the same priority. For example: Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 2 late, Priority 3, Priority 3 late, Priority 4, Priority 4 late, Priority 5 and Priority 5 late. This means that all the on-time Priority 5 applicants would be offered a place before any Priority 5 late applicants are offered.

Your child will stay on the waiting list until July, when we will contact you. We will ask you to confirm that you still want your child to stay on the list and tell you that you must contact us again the week before every school holiday; i.e. October half term, Christmas, February half term, Easter, May half term and July. If you don’t contact us your child will be taken off the list.

Your right of appeal

You can appeal if you are unhappy with your secondary, junior or reception offer.

You can find out more about appealing, or who to contact for a form. If your child is refused a place at a school outside Solihull you should contact the local authority for that school to find out about waiting lists and how to appeal.

There is no right of appeal for nursery applicants because this is not statutory education.

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