Moving house or changing your application

Changing your application

If you want to change your application you must email or write to us with the details. If you add a new preference for a Solihull school, after the closing date, it will be given a 'late priority', even if you have moved house. This means it will be put on the list after on-time applications of the same priority.

If you make changes to your application involving schools outside Solihull the details will be sent to the relevant council to be dealt with by their rules. We will send you an email confirming your changes. Any changes we make for you will not be seen online. Your online outcome, on offer day, will show your changes.

Late applications

Applications received after the closing date are late and will be put on the list after on-time applications of the same priority. For example: Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 2 late, Priority 3, Priority 3 late, Priority 4, Priority 4 late, etc. This means that all the on-time Priority 4 applicants would be offered a place before any Priority 4 late applicants are offered. If you want to apply after the offers have been made you should email School Admissions at

Moving house

If you move house, into Solihull, before the closing date for applications you can apply online. We will write to you and ask you for proof of your address.

If you are planning to move to Solihull you should apply on time to your home council. Apply for school(s) in the area you are moving to as well as your local school. When you have moved into your new home and sent us documents to prove your house move we will update your application.

We will use your new address if we can, but once the allocation has started (in January for secondary and February for primary) it becomes more difficult as offer day approaches. If it is too close to the offer date we will not use your new address until after the offers have been made.

If you move house after your child has been offered a place and there are children on the waiting list with a higher priority, your child's offer of a place will be withdrawn.

If your child moves into the home of a friend or relative, or you change address temporarily to improve your priority for a school place, we will not use that address.

Proof of address

We will use your new address when you have moved into your new home. You will need to tell us the date you moved and send us proof that you have left one property and moved to another. There is not a complete list of documents that we will accept. The onus is on you to send us as much as you can and we will consider it. For example:

  • signed and dated tenancy agreement for your new property (tenancy must cover the period from the time of application to the start date at the school)
  • proof of sale or renting out your previous property
  • new and final Council Tax bills
  • Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit award letter
  • new utility bills showing set up and usage if appropriate
  • final utility bills
  • driving licence and car insurance
  • landline phone bill
  • bank or credit card statement
  • home insurance
  • Royal Mail post re-direction
  • invoice for removals

In some circumstances a Council officer will make an unannounced visit to your home.

You are responsible for giving us correct information. Providing false information may lead to your child's offer of a place being withdrawn.

Moving from overseas and applying for a secondary, reception or nursery place to start in September 2018

If you are ready to make your application you should email school admissions at with your child's full name, date of birth, the school they are attending now and the schools you would like to apply for. You can apply for up to 5 secondary schools or 4 primary schools.

You'll need to tell us where you are now and, if you know it, the address you are moving to and also the date you plan to be in the UK. We recommend that you apply before the closing date. You can phone us for advice.

False information

For our admission procedures to be fair and treat everyone equally, it is important that all of the information you provide is accurate and honest. When we receive your application we carry out a number of checks. At any time during the application process we may ask for proof of your address.

When you apply online you must tick a box which will allow us to verify your circumstances with any sources, such as Council Tax or your child's current school.

If we find that any information in your application is false, we can withdraw the place you have been offered. We will alter your child's application to show the correct address and place it on the waiting list at the relevant position. If your child gets a school place based on an address that is later found to be false, any brothers or sisters wanting a place at the school in the future will not be given priority.

You can give us information about possible fraudulent applications. We will investigate and keep the information confidential. You can remain anonymous.

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