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Applying for a place to start in September 2018 Date of birth range Closing date Offer day

15-hours free nursery education

Apply online wherever you live

01-Sep-14 to 31-Aug-15 01-Dec-17 31-Jan-18

Full time school

Apply online if you live in Solihull

01-Sep-13 to 31-Aug-14 15-Jan-18 16-Apr-18

Children transferring from an infant school

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01-Sep-10 to 31-Aug-11 15-Jan-18 16-Apr-18

Children transferring from a junior or primary school

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Open days and evenings in September 2017

01-Sep-06 to 31-Aug-07 31-Oct-17 01-Mar-18
14-19 Education

More information about applying for a place

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01-Sep-03 to 31-Aug-04 31-Oct-17 01-Mar-18
Move school in-year

Applying for a place in a Solihull school to start at any time

More information and the form

What you need to do:

  • Print a paper form
  • Fill in the details
  • Take to your child’s current or most recent school for them to fill in section 2
  • Return the form to the Admissions Team (



Schools in Solihull

You can see contact details for every school in Solihull and their admission criteria.

Help and advice on making your application

Find out more about making a realistic application on our hints and tips page. 

Exceptional social or medical reasons

Priority is given, at some Solihull schools, to children with exceptional social or medical reasons. If you think there may be exceptional social or medical reasons phone School Admissions on 0121 704 6693.

Moving house and proving your address, changing your application or applying late

Find out more about:

What happens after the offers have been made?

Find our more about:

Deferred entry to school

Children must start school at the beginning of the term following their 5th birthday. Parents may request that their child attends part-time, or their child’s entry to a reception class be deferred until they reach compulsory school age. This means the child may miss up to two terms of this valuable year. Children with a date of birth in the summer term wishing to start school in the September after their 5th birthday would start in Year 1 and consequently miss the entire reception year.

Admission outside normal age range

In Solihull it is usual for children to be taught in the year group according to their chronological age. This is entirely appropriate for the vast majority of children whose needs can be supported by experienced school staff and the opportunities offered by the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

On rare occasions it may be in the best interests of the child to teach him or her out of their chronological year group. This is likely to be because of serious illness or severe learning difficulties. It would not normally be purely because the child was at the younger end of the age range. When a referral is made by a relevant professional, individual cases will be considered by officers from the Education Improvement Service, the SEND Team, the admission authority of the school and the head teacher.

Here is the process for parents of summer born children requesting admission outside the normal age range.

Children with special needs

If your child has a statement of special educational needs (SEND) or an education and healthcare plan (EHCP) the process is different. Find out more from the Statutory Assessment and Review Team.

School transport

You can find out if your child would be entitled to help with transport to and from school if he or she is offered a place.

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