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On 1 April 2015 the first phase of the Government’s new Care Act came into force.

The Act represents the most significant change in social care legislation in more than 60 years and will affect everyone who receives, or provides, care and support.

By ‘care and support’ we mean help with everyday tasks like washing, dressing, eating and going out and about.

Care Act Phase 2 - Important Update

The Government have announced that the second phase of the Care Act, which had been scheduled for April 2016, has been deferred until 2020.

Phase Two of the Act would have seen the introduction of a cap on care costs, care accounts and a new appeals process for adult social care.

However on 1 July, members of the Local Government Association (LGA) and other agencies wrote to the Government expressing concerns over the timetable for implementing the changes.

The Minister of State for Care and Support, Alistair Burt, wrote back accepting these concerns, stating the additional time would be used to ‘ensure everyone is ready to introduce the new system’, and to ‘consider what else could be done to support people in later life, including the risk of needing care and support’.

The Government has stated it remains committed to implementing a care cap, and would share its revised plans shortly.

Caring for you

For people needing care find out more about how the Care Act will affect you.

Do I qualify for care and support?

How much will I have to pay towards my care and support?

What if I go into residential care and I am assessed to pay the full amount?

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Caring for someone else

If you are caring for someone find out more about what the Care Act will mean for you:

Do I qualify for support?

Do I get any financial support as a carer?

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