Community Governance Review (CGR) in Balsall and Berkswell

On Wednesday 1 November 2017 residents in Balsall and Berkswell submitted a petition, bearing 773 signatures, requesting that Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council undertake a Community Governance Review.


The Council’s Governance Committee has completed the Community Governance Review and consulted local residents on a variety of different options. In coming to its final decision the Committee took into account of the views of local people. During a consultation in August 2018, residents were asked to choose between moving the boundary to the proposed route of High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) or to leave things as they currently stand.

The results had shown that the majority of residents favoured the option of no change. The wishes of local inhabitants and other interested bodies were primary considerations in this review and the Committee approved that no further action be taken in this Community Governance Review.

The Committee would like to thank everyone who submitted a representation and took part in the consultation process.

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