Community Governance Review (CGR) in Balsall and Berkswell

On Wednesday 1 November 2017 residents in Balsall and Berkswell submitted a petition, bearing 773 signatures, requesting that Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council undertake a Community Governance Review.

The petition proposes that the Review considers, but does not limit, to merging both Parish Councils to create one new Parish Council for the total area. Furthermore the petitioners have requested that if approved then wards are introduced to reflect the areas of:

  • a) Temple Balsall, Fen End and Meer End
  • b) Balsall Common Village and village centre
  • c) Berkswell Village and rural area

On 27 June the Council’s Governance Committee considered the responses from the consultation on the draft proposals. The responses are summarised in the Analysis of consultation report.

The Governance Committee noted that whilst the majority of responses to the consultation from both Balsall and Berkswell parishes favoured option 2 - to move the parish boundary to the route of the proposed HS2 railway line, the consultation questions had not specifically invited people’s views on an option to make no change to the current arrangement.

Governance Committee approved that further consultation be carried out within the review area on the following two options:

  1. To make no change to the current parish council boundaries and electoral arrangements;
  2. To move the boundary between Balsall and Berkswell Parishes to the proposed High Speed 2 railway line route



This consultation will end on Sunday 12 August 2018.


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The timetable for the review is outlined below:

Action Relevant Date
Petition received Wednesday 1 November 2017
Report to Governance Committee
Terms of reference and timetable for review to be approved by steering group of Councillors
Tuesday 28 November 2017
Steering group signed off Terms of Reference document Wednesday 20 December 2017
Terms of Reference published and consultation period starts Thursday 21 December 2017
Last date for representations Wednesday 28 February 2018
Draft Proposals are prepared Governance Committee held on Thursday 22 March 2018
Draft Proposals are published for consultation Monday 9 April 2018
Last date for submissions Wednesday 30 May 2018
Final Proposals are prepared Governance Committee Wednesday 27  June 2018
Consultation on the two options end Sunday 12 August 2018
Final Proposals are published August 2018
Consultation on final proposals August 2018
Governance Committee makes final recommendation on the review To Governance Committee Monday 24 September 2018
Governance Committee recommendation considered by Council Tuesday 9 October 2018
Council publishes the Reorganisation Order Wednesday 31 October 2018
Any changes become effective Monday 1 April 2019

Please note that the timetable is subject to minor alteration.

What happens next?

The Council will consider all responses and will draw up final recommendations on parish governance arrangements for the area. In its final proposals, the Council will balance the submissions that it has received against the legal tests and policies that have been outlined in the Terms of Reference document.

The final proposals will be made in response to the outcome of the draft proposals consultation and the further consultation during July and August. They may significantly change the draft proposal, because the Council will endeavour again to encompass the broadly held views of the residents of the affected areas insofar as they are compatible with the legal tests and policies.

There will then be a period before the Council publishes its recommendations in this Review, and this period allows time for any final submissions and arguments to be made covering matters which may not have arisen earlier in the review.

If changes to the existing structure of community governance in the affected areas are being recommended, the Review will be completed when the Council adopts a Reorganisation of Community Governance Order.

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