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You can ask quick questions to our Customer Services team via our live chat system, without the need for a phone call, helping you to find information and complete transactions using our website.

Chat online now with one of our dedicated customer service advisers and receive assistance with your query straight away.

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You can search our knowledge centre and find the answers to our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for you can ask a question and we will come back to you with the answer.

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What is Live chat?

Live chat is a web chat system which will enable you to communicate with a member of the Customer Services team in real time using text based messages. This is a quick and convenient way of contacting us for the information you require.

If you enter your email address when asked at the start of your chat session then a transcript of your chat will be emailed to you at the end for your records.

At the end of each chat you will be given the opportunity to complete a very short survey about your experience of using chat which will be used to help us improve our service.

We are running Live chat as a pilot to understand if this is a way that customers would like to interact with us.

Live Chat

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