Solihull Local Plan Review

The current local plan, the ‘Solihull Local Plan’, was adopted in December 2013 and covers the period 2011 to 2028. Since the Local Plan was adopted, a legal challenge has resulted in the overall housing requirement being deleted and remitted back to the Council for reconsideration.

In addition, the government's plans for high speed rail have passed through Parliament and Royal Assent has now been granted for Phase One of the route. Contracts to deliver the scheme are being put in place and the route is expected to open by 2026. The first station outside of London is to be built in Solihull on land next to the M42 and opposite the NEC. The Interchange station will be constructed on land that it is currently within the Green Belt.

To ensure that a proper planning framework is in place that addresses these issues, the Council is undertaking a Local Plan Review (LPR). The stages of the LPR are outlined below with the most recent at the top. The Council’s most recent Local Development Scheme can be found here.

Greater Birmingham Housing Market Area (HMA) - Strategic Growth Study

Local authorities have a legal duty to cooperate with each other on the planning of their areas. The publication of the Strategic Growth Study (21 February 2018) shows cooperation between the 14 authorities from across the Greater Birmingham Housing Market Area.

The Strategic Growth Study it is not a policy document that is proposing what should be built and where - that is something that the Solihull Local Plan needs to decide - but the study is important evidence that the Council needs to take into account and respond to.

A copy of the study and its appendices can be downloaded.

An agreed position statement across the 14 authorities is also available.

Draft Local Plan Review - Summary of Representations

A summary of representations to the Draft Local Plan Review consultation was reported to Cabinet Members on 18 July 2017.

Following the meeting, the Council has updated the Summary of Representations and Call for Sites Schedule.

The summary of representations document provides an overview of all of the comments submitted and is arranged by question or site reference. For those wishing to see more detail we have also published full schedules of individual submission summaries arranged both by question/site and by name. These are long documents and not intended to be printed.

The schedule arranged by question/site has a contents page to enable relevant sections to be easily located; and if reading the schedule arranged by respondent name it is recommended that the ‘Ctrl F’ function in Adobe Reader is used to locate the name(s) of respondents you are interested in.

Redacted versions of the original representations can be found on our online consultation portal. To assist you in finding responses and who made them, please either use the search function on the portal or look up the respondents reference number (the number in square brackets) in either of the schedules described above.

The Local Development Scheme will be updated with a revised timetable as follows:

  • Publication of Submission Draft (for consultation) - Summer / Autumn 2018
  • Submission to Secretary of State - Winter 2018/19
  • Examination of Plan - Spring 2019
  • Adoption of the Local Plan Review - Summer 2019

About 1750 responses were made to the consultation. Thank you to everyone who has responded, attended a workshop or drop-in session.

All of the feedback from the consultation is being carefully analysed and considered to inform the Submission Draft of the Local Plan Review which is expected to be published in Summer / Autumn 2018.

Draft Local Plan Review consultation (Dec 2016 - now closed)

Following approval of the Draft Local Plan Review document at Full Cabinet on 10 November 2016, the took place from Monday 5 December 2016 until Friday 17 February 2017.

The Council is seeking views on the revised policies and proposed site allocations for housing and employment land, in addition to those in the existing Plan. The Council is also publishing the updated evidence base.

Preparation of the Draft Local Plan Review (April 2016)

Following consideration of the representations to the Scope, Issues and Options consultation, the Council is preparing the next stage of the Local Plan Review, the Draft Local Plan, and updating the evidence base.

Scope, Issues and Options consultation (November 2015 - Now Ended)

The full consultation document was approved by Full Cabinet on 12 November 2015.

This initial consultation focused on scoping the local plan review; the issues that the review will need to address; and an identification of broad options. The consultation ran from 30 November 2015 until 22 January 2016

About 170 representations were received, and these were presented to the Council's Scrutiny Board and Cabinet Member. The summary of representations and the Council's response to these are available here. These will now inform the preparation of the Draft Local Plan Review

The Council also launched a fresh ‘Call for Sites’ for landowners and interested parties to put forward land for housing and economic development. For more information see Local Plan Review Evidence Base

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