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Solihull Council Launches Eco-Friendly Award Scheme In Schools

Solihull Council recently welcomed local teachers to the Sans Souci Training Centre to mark the launch of the Greener Solihull Schools Awards.

The Greener Solihull Schools Awards aims to motivate students and staff to learn more about the environment and how to make their school more eco-friendly. 

Attendees learned more about what the award scheme involves and what they can do to progress through the three levels of the project. 

Councillor Ken Meeson, Cabinet Member for Children, Educations & Skills, said “I am delighted to be here at the launch of these awards. We hope that the Greener Solihull Schools Awards will help children and staff to develop a sense of pride in the environment that surrounds their school. It will also provide an opportunity for greater collaboration between participating schools as they will have opportunities to listen to others’ experiences during this project.”

Councillor Ian Courts, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Managed Growth, added “We are always looking for ways to inspire further sustainability across the borough and I am sure the scheme will achieve this.” 

Level one of the award can be achieved when a team of pupils help to raise awareness of the scheme and also help to improve their school environment. Level two is reached when the school engages in three local or national sustainability campaigns. The highest stage, level three, is reached when a school introduces the Global Goals initiative to all pupils and finds curriculum links. 

To find out more about the Greener Solihull Schools Awards, click here.


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