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Council applies for injunction against Cassidy family

Solihull Council has applied to the High Court to obtain an injunction against the Cassidy family in relation to unauthorised encampments in the borough.

The injunction will be against named individuals and ‘persons unknown’ and will cover 37 open space sites across Solihull.

If granted, the injunction will prohibit the named individuals, either by themselves or by instructing or encouraging or permitting others, from:

  • Engaging in conduct causing or likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any person within Solihull;
  • Removing or damaging any padlock, lock, bolt or other means of securing any location within Solihull;
  • Entering with a view to setting up an encampment on any of the 37 sites;
  • Entering or occupying any of the identified sites for residential purposes, whether temporary or otherwise, including occupying the land with caravans, mobile homes, or other residential structures;
  • Entering or occupying any of the sites;
  • Depositing, leaving or dumping any rubbish, building materials, waste products or other refuse anywhere in Solihull except in a receptacle designed for waste disposal.

A copy of the claim form and Orders can be seen here.



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