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Ashden LESS CO2 Programme

Solihull Council is celebrating going into the third round of the Ashden LESS CO2 programme, which encourages local schools to transform their community into a sustainable, carbon-free place to live.

This school year will mark the third year of the Council’s involvement in the programme which has seen a great improvement in reducing Solihull’s carbon footprint.

Ashden is a national charity that champions and supports leaders in sustainable energy in the UK and developing countries. For the past few years, Ashden and Solihull Council have been working together on a programme to reduce the carbon footprint of school buildings in the borough.

The programme is supported through a joint approach between the Council’s Property Services, Asset Management and Sustainable Development teams.

The programme focuses on three core areas:  changing behaviours to instil energy awareness; professional audits of school buildings to see where energy can be saved; and integrating sustainability across the curriculum.

Every school that takes part in the next round of the scheme will receive a free energy survey with a report that outlines the best type of energy projects that the school could install for little or no cost. It will also receive one to one advice on steps to reduce energy and resources to help incorporate this sustainability.

The aim is to get schools to learn how to save energy and cut their costs and carbon emissions. The programme consists of four half-day workshops that will promote networking and experience sharing, which are key to continuing to build on the good work that Solihull schools and academies are currently undertaking.

Councillor Alison Rolf, Cabinet Member for Environment, Housing & Regeneration said: “I’m very pleased that local schools have signed up for the Ashden LESS CO2 project and that we are now going into the third round.

“This is such an important programme as it is vital that children understand the importance of looking after the environment and making Solihull a sustainable place to live. Good luck to all the schools that are involved!”

To find out more or get involved, call 0121 704 6874 or email For more information on the Ashden LESS CO2 programme visit  


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