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Woodland management works begin across four borough parks and woods

Woodland management works are taking place across four parks and woods in Solihull from Wednesday 17 January.

The works will start in Alcott Wood, followed by Hillfield Park, Dorridge Wood and Elmdon Park.

The works involve the selective thinning of trees. This is being done to improve the overall health of the woodland, enhance biodiversity and improve access. Woodlands need to contain trees of a variety of species, ages and heights. This variety means that lots of different species of wildlife can find suitable areas to live and thrive within the wood.

For safety reasons it is necessary to temporarily close the woodland to the public for the duration of the woodland management works. Large machinery will be used to undertake tree thinning across the entire woodland and this cannot be undertaken safely without the exclusion of members of the public.

Find out more about the works in the woodland management FAQs.


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