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Unauthorised encampments

Publish date:Monday, June 4, 2018

Update Wednesday 6 June, 11am

Solihull Council is advising residents that the unauthorised encampment recently located on Babbs Mill Park have moved on.

When any unauthorised encampment leaves a site we undertake a thorough clean up and also assess how we might secure, if we can, the site to guard against any future incursions. 


Update Tuesday 5 June, 10am

The Council has completed all of the necessary site assessments and the unauthorised encampment has been issued with a notice to leave the site by 11:00am on Wednesday 6 June.

If they fail to leave the site by this time, the formal eviction process will begin.


Update Monday 4 June, 10am

Solihull Council is aware that an unauthorised encampment is on Babbs Mill Park.

The Council is working closely with the police and undertaking the necessary legal actions to move them on as quickly as possible.

To support the evidence gathering it is very important that local residents report any anti-social or criminal behaviour to the police by calling 101. This helps build a picture of the situation for the court to consider when a case is presented to them.

When any unauthorised encampment leaves a site the Council undertakes a thorough clean up and also assesses how the site can be secured to help prevent any future incursions.

Information on how the Council deals with unauthorised encampments can be found here:


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