Solihull Parents' Network and Forum

Would you like to know what's happening in Solihull for children and families? Then join our Parents' Network for the latest information.

You'll receive an eBulletin every month with information about:

  • services
  • activities
  • the latest local events in the borough

It's also a great way to learn about what's happening or changing to make things better for you and your children.

Join our Parents' Network

You can also join by calling 0800 389 8667.

Have your say

You can also find out about how you can get involved and have your say about what's happening for you and your children.

There are a number of local decision groups eager for parents with ideas and opinions to work with them for example. 

Solihull Parents' Forum

There's also our very own Solihull Parents' Forum. Made up of dedicated parents and carers with children of all ages, there are regular meetings to discuss all manner of important  topics such as:

  • keeping children healthy and safe
  • schools and learning
  • things to do and places to go
  • parent and carer support

The forum also works hard to get as many parents involved in the decision making process for children and young people as possible.

For more information, and to find out when and where the next meeting is, please email

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