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The Independent Travel Training (ITT) service teaches people how to travel safely and independently and is provided by Safe and Active Travel officers within the Highways team.

We work in partnership with individuals to meet their goals while also recognising their achievements and efforts.

What is Travel Training?

It is personalised training to teach a person to travel to and from their destination on their own whether it be school, college or work. Being able to access public transport helps people make their own choices about how they live and what they want to achieve. Our travel trainers work at the pace of the individual every day to develop on their skills and confidence.

School Travel Training Team

We teach young people who currently travel to school in Solihull provided taxis. We work on a one to one basis every day teaching the skills to travel a specified route to and from school.

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Learn how to be an Independent Travel Trainer

Learn the skills to become an Independent Travel Trainer.

We offer a two day practical and theory based workshop covering the essential skills required to teach independent travelling skills to children and adults with additional needs.

The Level 2 course is accredited by Open Awards, giving you the same skills and expertise as our team of travel trainers. You can apply by contacting us at

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