Complaints about Councillors

If you believe that an individual Councillor (Borough, Town or Parish) or Co-opted Member* has breached their Code of Conduct, you can make a complaint to our Monitoring Officer.

*A Co-opted Member is a voting Member of the authority or one of its committees who was appointed to their position rather than elected.

Complain online

It is essential that you give evidence to support your complaint, otherwise the Monitoring Officer will not be able to decide if what you say should be investigated.

You can supply copies of correspondence, documents, names and details of witnesses and any other evidence that is relevant to your complaint. Please avoid sending us large amounts of background information that only relate indirectly to your complaint. 

We need detailed information from you - the more the better.

You should send evidence by email to or via post to:

The Monitoring Officer
Council House
Manor Square
West Midlands
B91 2QB

Complain about a Councillor

Complain by post

The Monitoring Officer cannot consider:

  • complaints where a member is not named
  • complaints that are not in writing
  • incidents or actions not covered by the Code of Conduct
  • complaints about incidents which occurred before a member was elected
  • complaints about how the council or a council employee has acted - see complaint about council services
  • complaints about the way a town or parish council has acted (you can take it up directly with them - see Parish Council contact details


We are unlikely to be able to keep your identity confidential from the person you are complaining about. If you think there are good reasons why they should not be informed, please discuss this with the Monitoring Officer.

What happens next

We will consider your complaint in consultation with the member’s political group leader (if they belong to a political group).

We must consult an Independent Person if we decide to investigate an allegation that the Code of Conduct has been breached. The member who is under investigation may also consult an Independent Person.

You will be advised of the outcome of the complaint and if any action is to be taken.

Complaints about the Monitoring Officer

If you are unhappy about the standard of service provided by the Monitoring Officer, their behaviour, action or lack of action, you can make a complaint to the council. This does not apply to dissatisfaction or disagreement with their findings or decisions.

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