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Compliments received generally fall within three categories:

  • helpfulness of service
  • named employee helpfulness
  • high standard of service

However this depends on the type of enquiry and the way it was dealt with.

Our compliments are reported on each quarter of the year.

Quarter 1 - 2019/20

During Quarter 1 (April to June) we received 352 compliments. 199 of this total were for customer services.


General comments relating to the whole service:

  • a very good service that solved my problem straight away
  • thank you for your kindness and great service

For the Solihull Connect Contact Centre:

  • thank you for providing such a prompt service when reporting a faulty streetlight
  • the blue badge team are amazing and provided a brilliant service

For the Solihull Connect Walk-In Service:

  • excellent knowledge and people skills, you showed enormous skill dealing with a difficult issue
  • a charming experience throughout at Solihull Connect, excellent service

For the Registrars Service:

  • thank you for the brilliant service provided
  • thank you for conducting our wedding, it was an outstanding ceremony

For the Bereavement Service:

  • thank you for all of your support with my laying of ashes
  • a big thank you to the team, you all are so lovely and helpful

Quarter 2 - 2019/20

During Quarter 2 (July to September) we received 330 Compliments, of which 193 were for customer services.


General comments relating to the whole service:

  • very helpful and organised
  • the service offered today was great, I've just moved to the area and are very impressed

For the Solihull Connect Walk-In Service:

  • thank you very much with your help with my enquiry, you've been very helpful and organised
  • I was greeted by a very helpful lady on your welcome desk who had a great attitude and was very professional

For the Registrars Service:

  • I was registering a death by declaration that occurred in Wales, the Registrar I spoke with was very helpful and sent over all the required paperwork

For the Bereavement Service:

  • a personal thank you to the team for all there help and support with getting my daughters bench plaque renewed

For the Solihull Connect Contact Centre:

  • thank you so much for your help - I feel like a weight has been lifted off shoulders
  • your Blue Badge team provide an excellent service
  • I have been going through lots of issues and staff have always provided an excellent service - above and beyond

Quarter 3 - 2019/20

During Quarter 3 (October to December) we received 248 Compliments, of which 125 were for customer services.


General comments relating to the whole service:

  • Solihull Connect service is excellent and all of the staff are very professional
  • a brilliant service

For the Solihull Connect Walk-In Service:

  • the person who served me was amazing, I’m really happy with the staff
  • keep up with all of your good work, thank you

For the Registrars Service:

  • a brilliant service and lovely staff

For the Bereavement Service:

  • I just want to say a big Thank You to the member of staff at Robin Hood Cemetery for being so lovely today and suggesting the preferred tree of our choice for the placing of the Nest Box

For the Solihull Connect Contact Centre:

  • the advisor was extremely helpful sorting out my Council Tax enquiry
  • I received a very good service and you were very understanding
  • an excellent service when I applied for my blue badge

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