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On occasion, our customers sometimes feel that they have been treated unfairly or that perhaps they have not received an appropriate level of service.

The Corporate Complaints Procedure enables customers to make a formal complaint. Where a complaint is logged it is taken very seriously and a full and thorough investigation will take place.

These investigations look at:

  • the processes that we follow not only within Solihull Connect Customer Services but within the Council as a whole.
  • the way requests logged on our IT systems have been entered by Advisers.
  • calls to the Contact Centre are recorded; call recordings are available where necessary and can be used as part of an investigation into a complaint.
  • the information/advice that has been offered to the customer at the time of their initial enquiry and any subsequent follow up actions.

In investigating complaints we do not seek to agree or disagree but to provide an explanation and learn from each customer’s experience. We take on board learning that is brought to light as a result of the investigation and regularly update our processes and systems to reflect this learning.

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