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Our promise to you

In being ‘Open’ we will:

  • be fair in the way we deliver our service and treat all members of the community as individuals, recognising their differences
  • keep you informed about the services we provide
  • deliver services in a way that gives good value for money
  • work with all communities and partner agencies to improve our services
  • aim to get things right the first time
  • listen to you and actively seek your views about our services
  • use this information to shape our services

In being ‘Honest’ we will:

  • be honest about what the Council can do and what it can’t
  • admit when we have made a mistake and do our best to put things right
  • not keep you waiting without an explanation.

In being ‘Approachable’ we will:

  • embrace, promote and value the diversity of our customers and all communities, adapting our services appropriately
  • make our services easy to use, giving you choices whenever possible
  • understand our services and know how to help you
  • provide welcoming and effective services, resolving your enquiry first time where possible
  • provide easy to understand accurate information.

In ‘Keeping our promises’ we will

  • aim to keep our promises but sometimes things go wrong so if we can’t keep the promise we will let you know why and how we can put things right
  • keep appointments and if we can’t we will let you know why and arrange another one
  • aim to do what we promise to do, on time
  • respond promptly following our customer standards when you make contact with us regardless of how you make contact

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