2019 Annual Canvass

Each year we check that the right people are registered to vote at every address in the Borough. From Tuesday 6 August our Canvassers will be hand delivering letters to all households, asking residents to check the information is correct, even if they have recently registered to vote, the house is empty, or people have moved out.

If you haven't responded already you will receive a visit from one of our canvassers, from the end of September, who will be asking you to complete the information with them using a tablet device. They will be wearing a Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council uniform and identity badge and will make visits throughout the day and evening and during weekends.

What you need to do

Each household has to respond to the annual canvass. The quickest and easiest way to respond is online.

You'll need the security code that is printed on the letter. When logged in you should let us know whether the information is correct. If it isn't, you can update it.

Respond to the annual canvass

What if I can't get online?

If there are no changes to the information printed on the form text NOCHANGE to 80212 followed by both parts of your security code. Or call 0800 197 9871 and when prompted enter part 1 and 2 of your security code.

If the information printed on the letter isn't correct, make any changes in the table and post the form back to us in the envelope provided.

If the information printed on the letter is correct, post the form back to us in the envelope provided. If you are posting the form back to us, please make sure that you have signed it.

If we haven't received a response, our canvassers will visit the property to check the information.

The information you provide about the residents of your household is the first step in the process and those who are not registered to vote will need to register themselves at www.gov.uk/registertovote or we will send them a form.

You must submit a response - Don't delay, respond today!

Where will I find my security code?

Your unique security code can be found printed on the letter sent through the post.

Do I list everyone who lives at the property?

You need to include the name and nationality of everyone aged 16 or over who is resident and eligible to register to vote. If there are no eligible residents, you should state why this is the case.

My son/daughter is living away at university, should I register them there or at home?

Your son/daughter can register at their home address as well as their university address, but must not vote more than once in the same election. This means they can vote in local elections at both addresses as long as they are in different local government areas, but cannot vote at both addresses in a Parliamentary election.

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