Local election results 2019

Local elections were held on Thursday 2 May 2019.


Candidate Party No. of Votes
BARKER Trever John Green Party 380
COLLEY Reece Anthony Liberal Democrats 185
SLEIGH Bob The Conservative Party Candidate 1537
STEPHENS Nick Labour and Co-operative Party 506

Duly Elected:  SLEIGH Bob

Conservative HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
HAWKINS Ken The Conservative Party Candidate 2136
LINFIELD Carol Joy Green Party 555
MATHER Sam Labour Party 326

Duly Elected: HAWKINS Ken

Conservative HOLD

Castle Bromwich

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BOND Matt Labour Party 135
CAUDWELL Steve Green Party 1971
SLEIGH Gail Lesley The Conservative Party Candidate 903

Duly Elected:  CAUDWELL Steve

Green GAIN

Chelmsley Wood

Candidate Party No. of Votes
DAWKINS Hazel Jasmine Ellenor Labour Party 221
MACNAUGHTON Karl Raymond Green Party 1622
SKELDING David Roger The Conservative Party Candidate 98

Duly Elected: MACNAUGHTON Karl Raymond

Green HOLD

Dorridge and Hockley Heath

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BRITTIN David Jon Labour Party 202
FAIRBURN Paul Martin Liberal Democrats 406
MACKIEWICZ Andy The Conservative Party Candidate 1968
MCINTYRE Iona Elizabeth Jean Green Party 518

Duly Elected:  MACKIEWICZ Andy

Conservative HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
BRITTIN Margaret Elizabeth Labour Party 269
DAVIES Peter Michael Liberal Democrats 1383
MCCARTHY Martin Henry The Conservative Party Candidate 1152

Duly Elected: DAVIES Peter Michael

Liberal Democrats GAIN

Kingshurst and Fordbridge

Candidate Party No. of Votes
ALDWORTH Eleanor Joy Green Party 352
BRAIN Marcus Christopher Labour Party 616
FEENEY Alan James The Conservative Party Candidate 575

Duly Elected:  BRAIN Marcus Christopher

Labour GAIN


Candidate Party No. of Votes
JOHNSON Simon Martin Labour Party 187
PINWELL Dave The Conservative Party Candidate 1386
REBEIRO Alan Stephen Independent 1415
ROGERS Antony Richard Liberal Democrats 198
WILSON Alison Natasha Green Party 239

Duly Elected:  REBEIRO Alan Stephen

Independent HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
O'NYONS Josh The Conservative Party Candidate 1077
SKINNER Lee Paul George Labour Party 708
THOMAS Kathryn Liberal Democrats 1086

Duly Elected:  THOMAS Kathryn

Liberal Democrats GAIN


Candidate Party No. of Votes
BEDDIS Teresa Frances Labour Party 315
CARTHEW Michael Alan Liberal Democrats 348
HOWELL Diane Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 2084
PEARSON Mark Joseph Green Party 473

Duly Elected:  HOWELL Diane Elizabeth

Conservative HOLD


Candidate Party No. of Votes
GRINSELL Bob The Conservative Party Candidate 1693
PALMER Colin Labour Party 452
TUCKER Brad Liberal Democrats 1353

Duly Elected:  GRINSELL Bob

Conservative HOLD

Shirley East

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BAILEY Deon Charl Labour Party 296
LOWE Antony Green Party 437
MONK Gayle Elizabeth Liberal Democrat 443
PARKER Mark Duncan The Conservative Party Candidate 1535

Duly Elected: PARKER Mark Duncan

Conservative HOLD

Shirley South

Candidate Party No. of Votes
ASHRAF Shahin Green Party 2206
BLISS Susan Labour Party 242
SANDISON Angela Mary The Conservative Party Candidate 1137

Duly Elected:  ASHRAF Shahin

Green GAIN

Shirley West

Candidate Party No. of Votes
HOLMES Brian The Conservative Party Candidate 746
ROUND Kevin Labour Party 453
SEXTON Rosemary Ann Green Party 1876

Duly Elected:  SEXTON Rosemary Ann

Green GAIN


Candidate Party No. of Votes
EDWARDSON James Alexander Liberal Democrats 607
MARSH Janet Mary Labour and Co-operative Party 409
QAIS Wazma The Conservative Party Candidate 1621
WILLIAMS Elaine Theresa Green Party 418

Duly Elected:  QAIS Wazma

Conservative HOLD

Smith's Wood

Candidate Party No. of Votes
DUFFEN Adrian David   103
LLOYD Bill Labour Party 226
WILSON Mark Frederick Green Party 1070
YOUNG Angus Forbes Staward The Conservative Party Candidate 128

Duly Elected:  WILSON Mark Frederick

Green HOLD

St. Alphege

Candidate Party No. of Votes
ENGLISH Ian Clifford Labour Party 285
HILL Joëlle Anne Green Party 395
STONE Bruce Keith Liberal Democrats 585
TILDESLEY Joe The Conservative Party Candidate 2651

Duly Elected:  TILDESLEY Joe

Conservative HOLD

Party Composition of the Council following election

Party Number of seats
Conservative 26
Labour 3
Liberal Democrat 6
Green 14
Independent 2

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