Partnership Forums

The Solihull Partnership Forums have been operating since 2010 as a channel for dialogue between members of the partnership and community stakeholders.

There are currently four partnership forums covering north Solihull, rural Solihull, central Solihull and Shirley; and Olton, Elmdon, Lyndon and Silhill which each meet three times a year. The purpose of the forums is to consult on significant proposals, exchange information and discuss how common issues and priorities can be tackled in the local area.

In 2014 we undertook a review of the forums and as a result we have made some changes. We have taken a decision to trial replacing the four geographically based forums with two bi-annual forum meetings bringing together all four forums.

The only exception to this change is the Olton, Lyndon, Elmdon & Silhill forum which will be invited to attend the bi-annual forum meeting but will also still continue to meet separately.

Upcoming Partnership Forums

We want as many local groups and organisations as possible to participate in the forums. We would particularly like to see more representatives from faith groups, schools and businesses.

If you would like to attend one of the forums, simply email Hannah Colson or please call 0121 704 8258.

Forum agendas, documents and minutes

You can view forum agendas, documents and minutes:

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