Using our website

We’ve designed our website so you can easily change how it looks if you need to.

If you find a problem with our website or have any feedback about how we can improve accessibility please email

Changing colours, font, text size and other settings

All modern browsers allow you to change colours and font sizes. We’ve tried to create a site which doesn’t get in the way when you change these settings.

Change text size and font

You can use your browser options to change the text size or font for web sites that you visit. The way you do this varies depending on the browser that you are using.

The BBC My Web, My Way site can can help you change your browser settings.

Change colour scheme

You can set your web browser to choose your own colour scheme for our website.

The BBC My Web, My Way site can help you change the colours we use. 

Access keys

We haven't used access keys as they can interfere with keyboard shortcuts used by modern browsers.

The content is easily tab-navigable and screen-reader friendly.


We have made every effort to ensure this web site is easily readable using 'plain English'.

In addition, we have ensured that the design of this website is not an obstacle to its usability and readability.


At present we do not offer any information on our site which is signed.


At present we do not offer any information on our site in audio.