Food Business Registration

Food businesses are required to provide allergen information and ensure they comply with food labelling rules as set in out in food law. You can find out more about providing food allergen information and best practice for handling allergens here.

The 1 October 2021 will see the requirements for prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food labelling will change in England. Food business operators will now be required to provide labelling on packaging with potentially life-saving allergen information. To find out more about PPDS and identify if your business provides PPDS food view this link to the Food Standard Agency website.

It is a legal requirement to register a food business at least 28 days before opening or taking ownership.

This may include:

  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • cafes
  • shops
  • supermarkets
  • staff canteens or office kitchens
  • warehouses
  • guest houses
  • delivery vehicles
  • market and other stalls
  • hot dog and ice cream vans, etc


To apply please download the following application form:

Once your application form has been accepted your business will be added to our register that's open to inspection by the general public.


Once you have registered with us, you only need to notify us of a change of proprietor, if the nature of the business changes, or if there is a change of the address at which moveable premises are kept. The new proprietor will have to complete an application form.

If you need advice

If you need any advice about running a food business visit Food.Gov.UK for help with:

  • setting up a food business
  • food safety and food hygiene
  • correct labelling and packaging