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You can apply for tenders at

Invitation to Tender (ITT)

The Invitation to Tender (ITT) pack will contain:

  • Part 1 - Instructions to Tenderers: including the closing date, return method, evaluation criteria, specification and contact details
  • Part 2 - Terms and Conditions of Contract
  • Part 3 - Tender Response: the tender questionnaire to determine:
    • the financial position of your company
    • your company's experience and technical capability
    • company formation details and references
    • any other relevant information

It is essential that all instructions, specifications and conditions are read carefully. For reference, you can view our current conditions for:

You can ensure you submit the best bid possible by:

  • carefully reading the advert, specification and ITT documentation
  • providing all information requested
  • fully answering all questions you have been asked
  • allowing sufficient time to upload your tender submission
  • submitting any clarification queries as instructed
  • not requesting meetings, which are against regulations, to discuss your application
  • not returning an 'off the shelf' response

Minimum insurance levels are required; for example:

  • employers liability to £5 million
  • public and products liability to £5 million
  • professional indemnity to £1 million (where required)

We want to ensure fairness and accessibility in our tender process and contract management. Therefore, certain areas are taking into consideration, such as:

If further information is requested you must provide this by the date stated.

When completing your submission, please:

  • do not submit an alternative pricing model as we will be unable to compare your bid with others
  • submit your best price as negotiations are not possible
  • clearly state any added value you can bring to the contract

If your bid is unsuccessful please feel free to contact us for feedback.

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