The tender, selection and contract management process

All tender opportunities can be viewed on CSW-JETS. Those below the EU thresholds can also be viewed on Contracts Finder on, whilst opportunities above the EU thresholds can also be viewed on Tenders Direct.

By exception, we may also advertise in local newspapers such as the Birmingham Mail, Solihull Times and trade journals if applicable.

You can view our current contracts.

The selection process

Two types of tender process may be used for selection, which are:

  • open tendering
    • a 1 stage process where interested parties respond to a tender opportunity
  • restricted tendering
    • a 2 stage process where we invite interested parties to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. A useful process where large numbers of responses are expected, for non standard items or high value tenders, those meeting the criteria, will be invited to provide a tender submission.

The opening of tenders

Electronic tenders will be automatically opened when the closing date and time is reached.

The evaluation of tenders

The 'most economically advantageous tender' - the best tender in terms of 'price' and 'non-price' items - will be selected. The evaluation process is done according to price and quality.

We may invite short-listed bidders to a tender clarification meeting or to give a presentation. This will be detailed in the tender documentation.

Feedback on tenders

We will let you know whether your bid is successful or not and are happy to provide feedback when asked.

Management of contracts

With companies selected largely on the value they can bring to the contract, all suppliers are monitored for quality and performance. It is important this is maintained and may be monitored through:

  • performance reviews
  • key performance indicators
  • regular meetings
  • feedback reports

With regular opportunities for tender, we work with providers to deliver on what is agreed in the contract and deliver improvements wherever possible.

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