Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire COVID Business Pledge (CSW COVID Business Pledge)

CSW COVID-19 Business Pledge

The CSW COVID Business Pledge provides support to businesses and venues to welcome back customers and keep staff safe.

The Pledge is a commitment to remaining vigilant in response to COVID seriously and taking precautions to continue to deal with the virus as we move to the next phase of living with COVID over the coming months and years.

The Pledge is entirely voluntary.  By signing up to the Pledge, you are making a positive statement that you are making efforts to maintain the high standards of public and staff protection put in place during the COVID pandemic - that provides a welcoming, reassuring message to staff, customers and visitors to your premises.

The key elements of the Pledge details targeted interventions to reduce risk of transmission, including:

  • Social distancing – where appropriate, measures to maintain two metre social distancing (or one metre with mitigating measures if not possible) throughout the premises
  • Hygiene - providing hygiene facilities for your staff and your customers and regular cleaning of your premises to reduce transmission of Coronavirus, including hand washing facilities and hand sanitising stations
  • Face coverings – encourage all staff in public facing roles to wear a face covering (unless they have a legal exemption), particularly in enclosed or crowded spaces
  • Ventilation – where appropriate, the provision of  adequate ventilation, in line with PHE and HSE guidance
  • Regular testing - a pledge to encourage all staff to undertake asymptomatic COVID Lateral Flow Tests for a minimum of once a week
  • Staff Health and Well-being - supporting staff with health and well-being needs 
  • Preventing and Controlling Outbreaks - support staff to self-isolate as required and undertake appropriate contact tracing for all cases identified in the workplace, ensuring all close contacts isolate in line with national guidance
  • Vaccinations - support employees to access vaccinations
  • Risk Assessments - to carry out and regularly review a business COVID risk assessment, communicating with staff and ensuring they follow its recommendations

Please note that this is not a formal accreditation, but a voluntary scheme to demonstrate business intent to support their commitment to COVID safe measures. The Council reserves the right to request that businesses remove the Pledge should any issues arise.

To sign your business up to the CSW COVID Business Pledge, please complete a short form.

Sign the business pledge

Once complete, you receive a printable poster to display in your premises to promote to customers and staff and will form part of a mailing list for additional resources around keeping your business COVID safe.

For information on the relevant guidance for your business, please see the national ‘Working Safely during Coronavirus’ pages.

For more information or any queries, please contact the Business Investment Team at, or for public health guidance, please contact