How to volunteer safely

At this time many of us want to help in our communities, particularly people who have existing health conditions, are elderly or who are self-isolating.

If you would like to help, why not look to your neighbours and street first? Is there someone that is lonely or anxious and needs a chat - a phone call could make all the difference. Is there someone who needs help with shopping or collecting prescriptions? Maybe they need their dog walking or some help with finding the right help? A bit of support with online shopping or helping them to call Solihull Connect for advice on food or finances?

You can also help by making donations to existing food banks. They desperately need tinned food, toiletries and nappies - but please only donate if it is safe for you to do so. You can donate in the north or south of Solihull, or online:

  • Around Again Social Supermarket, 100 Chapelhouse Road, Fordbridge - but please email - - first to arrange a time to drop off

Another option is to get involved with existing charities and community groups through your local Parish Councils, community centres and faith groups. Working with local groups, the Council’s Here 2 Help Solihull team has details of voluntary groups that need you - just call 0121 704 6811 or email

CAVA in Solihull are able to match volunteers and volunteering opportunities in the borough. So if you'd like to find local volunteers to help your cause or become a volunteer yourself, visit their dedicated volunteering page If you have any questions regarding volunteering, contact Donna Norford or call 07708474076.

To keep updated on CAVA’s latest news and volunteering opportunities, please subscribe to CAVA’s free e-newsletter. CAVA also share volunteering opportunities on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media.

Across the country people have set up community aid groups. You can find out about these through Covid-19 Mutual Aid.

However you help, please keep up to date with government and NHS advice on COVID 19.

Please make sure you follow government guidelines on social distancing and be careful not to spread the virus. 

If you are setting up a group, you will also need to consider cash handling, volunteer expenses, safeguarding and security and how to look after people’s personal information safely. You may also want to take things further and become a formal organisation or want to get some funding. 

CAVA in Solihull can help with all those aspects. Please contact Aline Boblin on or phone ​07966380213.