Identification and assessment of SEND in the Early Years

The Early Years Team Around the Child (EY TAC) Panel deliver a multi-agency assessment and intervention model which supports the early identification of SEND.

Early Years Team Around the Child Panel 0 to 4 years

The EY TAC Panel is based on a child and family centred approach and facilitates early intervention and preventative work with young children and their families.


The aim is that all young children with high level, low incidence needs will have their needs and appropriate provision identified before they enter school.

Who attends the EY TAC Panel?

Solihull’s EY TAC Panel is made up of professionals from:

  • the 0 to 25 SEND Service (Specialist Inclusion Support Service SISS and The Early Years Team)
  • the NHS Therapies Service (Speech and Language - SLT / Occupational Therapy - OT and Physiotherapy)
  • Solihull’s Health Visiting Team

Who can be referred to the EY TAC Panel?

Referrals are for children and family’s resident in Solihull, or who attend a Solihull setting for fewer than 15 hours a week. Children in a setting will be supported by the settings Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who can seek Area SENCo support from the Local Authority Early Years Team or from the 0-25 SEND Service. The Panel accepts referrals for Early Years children prior to school entry (0 to 4 years), with significant difficulty in three or more areas of their development.

What does the EY TAC Panel do?

The EY TAC Panel will coordinate the multi-agency assessment of a young child’s needs and the allocation of support. A key worker will be allocated following assessment, to coordinate the Early Years Team Around the Child and to monitor provision and progress.

Where a change in provision is required a child will return to the EY TAC Panel for review such as where further multi-agency specialist assessment is required or a change in provision is advised.

In order to work effectively, the EY TAC Panel liaises with other services working with a child/ family and shares any written advice with professionals involved in the team working around the child or young person.