High hedges

If your neighbour has a high hedge that is stopping you from enjoying your garden, you must first talk to them about it or write them a letter before you contact us.

For further advice download the following leaflet:

We can intervene if the hedge is a line of 2 or more, mainly evergreen or semi-evergreen, trees forming a hedge. 

A charge of £565 is applicable before we consider your application. If your application is refused we'll return your cheque with our explanation of what has led to our decision.

To tell us about a high hedge, please complete this form with a cheque and return it to:

Neighbourhood and Regulatory Services
Solihull MBC
Council House
B91 3QB

We won’t act as a mediator to help you negotiate with your neighbour, but we will take an adjudicating role and look at whether the hedge affects the enjoyment of your property or the rest of the community.

If we think that the hedge needs to be cut down, we’ll issue a formal notice to the hedge owner that will explain what they need to do to fix the problem; but we can’t order them to remove the hedge.