Cesspool and septic tank emptying

Service Update

We would like to inform you that the council has taken the decision to cease operation of our cesspool service as of 31 March 2024. Due to vehicle problems that required essential repairs it has caused a severe backlog which we need to fulfil before the service ceases. Consequently, we are no longer taking bookings for our cesspool service.  

Whilst we are unable to recommend specific operators, there are a number of companies both locally and nationally that offer this service at a comparable cost to the service you have received from the council.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued custom over the years.

If you have a cesspool, septic tank or other type of foul sewage treatment system we offer a low cost tanker service to empty it.

How much does it cost

We can collect up to 9 cubic meters (2,000 gallons) per load at a cost of £168. If your tank is larger than 9 cubic meters you may need multiple loads to empty it.

We then take your waste to a Severn Trent Water sewage works.

Severn Trent Water will rate your waste as weak, standard or strong.

If you waste is:

  • standard there is an extra charge of £69
  • strong there is an extra charge of £147

Ask us to empty your cesspool

To get in touch:

Residential Cesspools


For residential customers we will need to take the £168 payment in advance when you call to book an emptying. If there is an extra charge we will send you an invoice once the job is completed.

Alternatively we can set you up on Direct Debit and the money will be taken automatically following the emptying.

Regular Emptying

If you know your cesspit needs emptying on a regular basis we can arrange to visit on a schedule that suits you. Just ask when you call and we’ll get it arranged for you.

Business Cesspools


Business Customers can request to be billed by invoice. As with residential customers we can arrange regular emptying and payment by Direct Debit.